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  1. I've just tweeted him this: @grantshapps IF av. house price in 2012 < av. house price in 2011 AND new houses built 2012 => new houses needed 2012 THEN :-) ELSE :-(
  2. They do say the five things you should never discuss are religion, polities, personal finances, sex life and personal medical maladies. I'm sorry for any wrong I've caused in this thread
  3. I really don't want to own a succession of houses though; each a bit bigger than the next... the only reason to do that imo is if you're been suckered in by the "housing ladder" myth and are sufficiently non-mathematical that you can't see throught the absurdities in it. My flat that I rent is much nicer than any house that I can buy so from a utility perspective I've decided to rent and save money for a house...
  4. I don't know the entire market obviously but the two quants I know from university both regularly do 70 hour weeks. I reckon I could manage that (though still not fun). But when bonuses are being decided, things are bad, or someone has an "amazing" new idea; its full hands to the pump and those weeks come in at 100 hours - just couldn't face it.
  5. I never feel like work is bog standard or boring, although obviously it is 70% sat at a computer, building, analysing and reporting on models so not as exciting as a sky-diver instructor or something... On an hours worked basis it pays very well - could earn more being a quant but never fancied 100 hour weeks - what's the point? Happy for society to view the profession as the most boring in existence - anything that limits new actuaries is good for me. Let's not let the truth get in the way of a good urban myth eh?
  6. - I really don't need any validation but happy for you to validate my life if you want? I know I'm very well paid on any measure but I don't feel very rich; the houses I would like to buy are all way out of my reach. Sure I could choose to buy some two up, two down house in a bad part of town but I really don't want to live there... I have been a property bear since I was 20 - my conviction that house prices must fall significantly was based on my understanding of economics but as the last 8 years have passed I had started to lose faith. I don't think we'll see very large nominal price fal
  7. I guess the actuarial qualification does serve as a useful barrier to entry to the profession which helps inflate wage levels. Can't say I like big corporations either - I choose who I work for extremely carefully - they tend to be small and don't have levels of useless VPs clogging things up...
  8. So all success is luck? You can't just be very able and willing to work pretty hard?
  9. I would say that I am very lucky that I have wonderful parents who badgered me so hard about education, I am also lucky that I was born very able. Very little else has been luck.
  10. I guess its the way the jobs market has changed over the last 30 years; skills are now relatively much more valuable than experience.
  11. Another one what? Haven't read the entire thread - will do so now...
  12. 28, live in Maidenhead, work in London as an Actuary at an insurance company. Package including pension contributions and bonus is about 90k. Partner earns about 50k with bonus working in IT. Didn't used to save anything as was too busy enjoying life but missus wants to buy a house at some point so now saving abut 20k a year now but not that interested in buying as think prices are ridiculous. Fed up of VI too and wish the Government would allow the market to build the houses we need.
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