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  1. Cheers. Turns out there's an issue with my buyer's title deeds - something about access - hopefully resolved quickly, as they were the ones who wanted an early entry date.
  2. We priced it nearly £10k above the house that needed work - it was an o/o price and we got above it by a little.
  3. Just thought I'd mention - just sold using that agent in under 5 weeks.
  4. As an addendum to the above, it transpires that the survey does include a market valuation - just not a mortgage valuation - which is fine and dandy as far as I'm concerned.
  5. That's exactly my point. I'm worried about what not having one may do to the continuity of the sale.
  6. I am slightly confused, you're right. Problem I have with the company offering the Home Report is that they don't issue a MVR - or is that a major issue, as it's not a requirement for it to be on the HR?
  7. Just had a bit of a snag. Contrary to what I believed, it appears that a lender can actually dispute the entire Home Report rendering it invalid - thereafter meaning I'd have to retain the services of a surveyor on the lender's panel and pay the fee £480. The Nationwide explains that "From 1 February 2010 the only transcriptions accepted are those arranged under the Scottish Home Report (single survey) process for purchase mortgages, introduced in December 2008, and those relating to new build properties in Scotland. Transcriptions are not accepted for remortgage applications. For acceptan
  8. Therein lies the problem. The other houses in the street that are for sale are poorer in terms of quality. One of them is seriously needing attention - i.e new windows/wiring/heating/kitchen etc etc - so there's no way I'm going to attempt to price under that - as my house is done to a high standard throughout. It's left me with a bit of a quandary.
  9. It's Homesaleonline that I will be going with - for my house it is £470 inc Home Report - check their prices as it's based on the value of your property and states the price is from £400. Still, they represent better value than the latter. One issue I've noticed with them is that their schedules leave a bit to be desired - rather amateurish in appearance. However, I intend to do my own schedule and insist they use it - probably my own photos too. I don't buy into the ideology that estate agents have a list of buyers on their books awaiting your property.
  10. No, they're 1950s houses - just that it's a stabilised area with not many moving. I did wonder about the O/O - but they both suggested it and did not that the majority of their properties in the area are marketed as such - doesn't mean they're right as you point out. Will dig a bit more before deciding on my pricing strategy. Thanks.
  11. Should also say I was considering using their services if they were willing to come down in price, but there wasn't enough movement from them.
  12. I had an idea of the value through checking out the stats - issue is there's not been a house on sale in my area - of which there are 2 streets with the same build of house. I also wanted an idea on what method/terminology they were using in the area for sales - as I'd seen quite a few on at 'offers in the region of'; however, it transpired the agents recommended going in at an offers over with a relatively low-ball to get interest.
  13. Hi there - thanks for your views on this, we certainly share an ethos. I 'used' the EAs to gauge valuation etc - and will certainly take their views on when pricing my house for sale. The Agent I'm going for will come and take photos, measurements - make the schedule, provide the for sale board, field all calls and negotiations. They have an 0800 number which is useful as well. They advertise on Rightmove, Globtrix and about 10 others, and will be going with S1homes and Zoopla from the start of next month - they certainly seem to cover the online advertising comprehensively. Cheers.
  14. Things are pretty slow - like most areas - with some exceptions - some have sold in days etc. I don't think our street is busy enough to merit trying the self-marketing route unfortunately - so I will need assistance. I feel it's probably worth a punt with the online agent, they're essentially doing the same job as one of the EAs that came to value - who stated he only uses the web to advertise. Cheers for the input.
  15. I don't think I'm stupid - I'm looking at the way the market plays, and the fact most home sales are driven via the internet. If mine is marketed over the internet, like others paying for an EA - I'm struggling to see their advantage. I'm also struggling to understand your arithmetic, where you got the £200 saving for instance.
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