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  1. 1 in 3yes, but i firmly state that having your children die, struggling to find/hunt for food are all natural processes, its part of human nature, they dont cause stress i never felt any stress when my relatives died, i just knew that it was nature, but the stress i feel about getting a job and a mortgage and doing that degree was insane
  2. i am too pointless waste of time degree, theres so many ******ing twats going to university, masters of engineering, 1st, 4 years, 30k debt, got a piece of paper i might aswell burn and shit on just to make me feel happier also you are up against 10x as many people from other countries as well applying i know for a fact that my 'unpaid' internship last year had over 50 applicants and about 6 of them were from britain ive come close to killing myself, i really have no future, unless i earn 80k a year i wont ever have kids, and i dont think i can bare to have kids where both parents spend 8-6 working, they will grow up ******ed wish i lived back in the 1810s tbh
  3. I took out a loan in 2007. I expect along with many others I didn't even have a clue what the terms were, I was just brainwashed into taking a degree and therefore a loan. I did a 4 year degree and now have debt of around 30k. This is more than my entire family has in savings. It is rising at some ridiculous rate of inflation. In the event of hyper inflation, what is going to happen to my debt? I'm getting really worried about the situation as I dont ever see myself paying it off. I may end up going abroad and part of the reason is I feel like running away from it all.
  4. Unfortunately if it happens now Labour will escape blame
  5. They will just kick the can down the road as long as possible and 'let someone else deal with it'. Very similar to what Enoch Powell said about immigration: Other politicians will admit it in private, but rather than do something about it, just ignore it and hope it goes away or let someone else deal with the consequences when ignoring it can go on no longer.
  6. and if it is recognised it ******ing well shouldnt be because that degree was an actual pisstake it was so easy and I'm not being negative about that, my degree really was the biggest con in modern history, I dont even have the satisfaction of getting a 1st in it, because quite frankly I cant see how people COULDNT get a 1st in it
  7. The problem is - I dont even think an MEng is recognised in Europe
  8. what phd did u do?I was thinking of doing a phd, hopefully abroad, i thought it was my last option and im scared of committing to 3 years to doing it but i want a job that is worth something. it will be something to do with reliability in components and modelling their failure, either in solar cells or interconnects in semiconductors or the drivetrains in wind turbines tbh i can see myself doing that and being ******ed at the end of that as well if i even finish it i see myself getting old and I wonder what the point was I applied to 30+ places last summer for unpaid work experience and even there i got basically ****** all, i got something eventually but even for unpaid jobs that arent even advertised get about 5 people sending CVs a day no wonder unpaid internships are so common now when small companies cant afford to pay minimum wage and theres so many applicants anyway that they will always find someone to do it for free every job i apply for has some BS on the form about knowing some obscure software package or technology, its just BS, I could learn it on the job and so could plenty of others but rather than wait for these people would rather just wait for the best person on paper as they know this will always come
  9. id rather be doing that u *****, at least starving and getting diseases are natural, sure its not nice, but its human nature to have people die around you, having 30k debt and a mortgage with not even any kids isnt
  10. I wonder how many physics and maths and engineering grads from Oxford or Imperial are now coding HFT and algorithmic trading software in the city instead of doing something real with their skills these days
  11. tbh i think im going to kill myself, i would definitely do it if I'd just spent 9k a year + living expenses on thisi know deep down how worthless that degree is because i saw the standards that university has degenerated to. And the scary thing is that I was on a 'hard' engineering masters course at what is considered one of the best institutions to do it in, and it was shocking, so god knows what it must be like elsewhere.... I brought this up with the head of department, he basically agreed with me but said there was nothing he could do i went through so much stress thinking it would all be ok in the end and it isnt ok, and it wont be Like I said people are brainwashed in school now and I was too I dont want to have a life sitting at a PC for 10 hours every day or working in an investment bank so I can afford to have a family but never see them, and i mean theres so many people at university who want to work in an investment bank, that all they want to do because they think its cool, they dont seem to understand that their shitty industry wont exist without people actually creating something. Infact ive been to a number of venture capital conferences and most of the investors there I have spoken to have an attitude of 'any idiot can be an investor', and that there is no innovation or creation left in the UK. "He buys and sells, but creates nothing" - that has never been more true than today in the UK
  12. i think most people would have been happy doing a normal 'old school' working class job, not necessarily brick laying, but now everyone is brainwashed to believe that they wont be happy unless they have a shitty degreei mean these days unless u are on 80k a year how are u meant to afford a wife n 2 kids, society is ******ed and its going to get worse, god knows what its going to be like in 15 years when we have an entire generation where 85% of them grew up without their mother to look after them as they are working 8-6.... yeah lets forget basic human nature from the last 100000 years, women need to have careers at IBM
  13. 22, unemployed, 1st class MEng in electrical engineering at a 'good' uni (top 10 in league table etc and course all accredited etc), not that any of that matters anyway is a degree now is utterly worthless life is completely ******ed Looking at either doing a phd abroad somewhere to get out of this shithole or committing suicide and that’s how I feel I don’t want to go on a graduate scheme and become a middle manager or a corporate *****, I would have been fine doing bricklaying or something but I got brainwashed in school and by the time I woke up when I got to uni it was like ‘oh well im here now might as well finish it’ and now I have 30k debt what the ****** am I meant to do
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