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  1. If you're in work and have an average salary prices outside the SE are pretty soft and there's plenty of affordable stuff.
  2. The main problem is in the SE where prices are far too high for non-financial workers, and in the rest of the country for people struggling to find FT work. Both are huge issues.
  3. Someone on an average wage in an average part of the country can afford all this. If he has a family his wife may need to work too if they want a bigger house. Big deal. Anyway-"second world" was a term given to the communist states and so completely inappropriate.
  4. Completely false. The intrinsic value of anything is subject to permanent change. What price an acre of boggy oil-rich land 400 years ago? What price a nice strong ox or cart horse in the UK compared to 200 years ago? In addition, real increases in wages and GDP mean that we have more real income to spend on things, including housing.
  5. Spot on. To anyone actually sucked into commenting on this supposed "family" need checking for pathological levels of gullibility. The Daily Mail is playing you like a cheap violin
  6. Half the department suspended as a "precautionary" measure. Jesus wept! I've always thought that the statutory notice system was a licence to print money for the contractors involved. In many cases they are doing work charging thousands of pounds and the repairs are never seen by any of the residents being up on the roof or gables, so you only have their and the council's word for it that it was ever done or even necessary in the first place. The whole thing was ripe for exploitation on both sides-brown envelopes in exchange for getting the contract to do the works, more brown envelopes in
  7. Well they're marketing it through Strutt & Parker so they obviously think its a cut above your average flat Looking at the layout I'm intrigued-where did the bathroom use to be? There must have been one but neither of the shower rooms look big enough and all the bedrooms look too big!
  8. This is why prime London prices are massively higher than prime Edinburgh. Prices in poor areas of Edinburgh and London are off the radar of folk that earn good money. They are mostly non owner-occupied and the price of the property is strongly influenced by the level of rental income which is pretty much set by the housing benefit that the council will pay to your DSS tenants. ccc-you seem to be trying to make the case that London is better value than Edinburgh?
  9. The should have called these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY_mPrjHQyY What a gloriously pre-credit crunch advert!
  10. I like the picture of the living room ceiling in the pdf schedule-seems to be untreated concrete!\ Presumably intended to cut costs make the place look industrial
  11. This story did the rounds of the national newspapers about 3 weeks ago! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/8732253/HMRC-to-verify-mortgage-applications.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2031964/Taxman-check-wages-bid-beat-mortgage-fraudsters.html
  12. This made me chuckle http://www.espc.com/buying/288312.html The are claiming this £140k concrete coffin on Peffermill Rd is in the district of "Newington"!!
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