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  1. Agree with this and wife is buying into it very fast. (wedding was far less then 25k by the way) Thing that gets us down are the comments from older people we know, family co workers etc... Bit of background, our baby doesn't sleep very well. This week alone we have had the following advice: co worker in 50's "put her in her own room" Me "we only have a one bed flat" Her "Really?" with shocked face. Mum "well nothing for it then she needs her own room" Me "We know that but £300 pm etc for 6x4 room" Getting sick of explaining our economic situation
  2. Just to add - and this point was overlooked by our parents, although combined wages are currently 70k two years ago they were 50k and 5 years ago 32k.
  3. Similar situation. North West London, 70k combined wages. Age 29 & 30 with 9mth old baby . Renting 1 bed flat. All bills incl insurance, car,rent, food, travel etc are £1,500 pm. Both have student loans. No debt. My current take home after all deductions, share saves, student loans, pension etc is £1,700. Wife is on Mat leave so hers is £0. From May childcare costs will be 14k pa. Both of my parents moved away a few years ago and wife's parents live in Dublin. Even if they did live near by they all work (all aged between 49-52 and still paying off mortgages). I know of no one my age wh
  4. Graduates need a big starting salary if they take Wonga,s advise regarding student loans. I can believe they legally get away with printing this financial advice http://www.wonga.com/money/wonga-student-loan/
  5. watching this on catch up, our joint income is 40k net. my wife is watching and saying "how can they have so much money, 3 cars, large house etc" Well our rent on our one bed flat is the same as their kids private education! Their rmorgage is just over half our rent. My wife now understands why interest rates are key to a house price crash.
  6. Off the top of my head here's my list: Blockbuster (Dead Concept) HMV (Dead Concept, Over priced - Tesco - Online) Past Times (Tat, Over priced - Tesco - Online) MenKind (Tat, Over priced - Tesco - Online) Partners (Over priced - Convenience Tesco - Online) Staples (Over priced - Convenience Tesco - Online) The Entertainer (Over priced - Tesco - Online) Early Learning Centre (Over priced - Tesco - Online) Mothercare (Over priced - Tesco - Online) Clintons (Tesco Convenience/Card Factory Cheaper) Hallmark (Tesco Convenience/Card Factory Cheaper) Superdrug (When a shop starts stocki
  7. I'm starting to think my generation should just stick it to them and on mass either return home from the rented accommodation or refuse to pay the sky high rents. Sick of their smugness.
  8. A market leading UK retailer will be downsizing their workforce by 10% in the new year whilst cutting benefits for those that remain. 2012 wont be pretty
  9. Found it online. Rents £75pw now, it was £48.50 in 2003-05 http://www.sunrisestar.co.uk/albion.php Yeah some decent parties. Big problem was that its in the middle of sheffields red light district and featured on Britains streets of vice. Still remember the hockers asking for fags each time we left the flat.
  10. From my experience (sheffield uni) overseas students like to live in student halls or gated communities such its these. Its the home students that prefer the shared house (or in my case a shared 17 bedroom pub). Landlords offering mid terrace boxes in the rundown parts of town are or borrowed time. I couldn't afford to go to uni now, barely able to in 2002!
  11. This is one of handful of areas i have been watching. This house has been up for sale for a five months. The price is currently "offers over £153,000" down from £155,000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31429376.html Last month this house came onto the market at £140,000, (Same road, condition can't be much worst), The asking price has just been cut it to £130,000. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34627547.html A new benchmark for the road is approaching making the first property look at least 30k over priced.
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