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  1. Everything about the title and the introductory image of this video screams 'rational' and 'credible'... ?
  2. I heard a rumour Coinbase are readying to offer XRP. Could help next leg up. Any view on that?
  3. Forget about what you want to happen for a second. The market doesn't care about what you want. Forget about right/wrong and winners/losers. Look at fact patterns... When prices start to fall, the Government takes action to prop them up. We had HTB and shortly the Chancellor will announce additional tax props. Rates may rise 25bps but Carney will stop there because he knows eventually rates are the ball-game. Its not about taking a view and sticking it regardless. Sometimes you need to adjust your view based on reality. Putting contributors into buckets in this forum probably makes
  4. For me cheap credit is the main factor causing prices to rise/keeping them high. Ask yourself would happen to prices if the base rate was 4% or even 2%...
  5. Thanks for the lesson. Smug post of the year award ^
  6. ^This. Lots of people on this forum either don't get this, or choose to ignore it.
  7. Im sorry, what? You took on the debt so why is it unreasonable for you to repay it?
  8. I for one wont be breaking out the champagne just yet. In the 5 or so years I have been (predominantly) lurking on here I have seen so more false dawns that I have had hot dinners. We know the housing market has a lag of a few months so I ask myself what was happening 3 months ago? Build u to the election the election. Next months flatten, and/or subsequent updates from other indexes tell a competing story. And so what if the top end of PSL loses 10 or even 20%. That doesn't make the type of house anyone in this forum could live in any more affordable. Interest rates are the ball game, we
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