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  1. There's a website that tracks UK sold price, compared with inflation. I can't find it with various keywords in Google. Anyone remember what the website is?
  2. Do let us know how you get on with the online agencies. Note that YMMV but my personal experience with these online EA have been terrible. My view is they put take your money, put your house on RightMove + Zoopla and that's about it. They don't return your call, terrible at organising viewings and incompetent at the sales process. Another thing to put me off is that I'm meeting the vendors when buying houses, but that's personal preference, I fully accept that some actually prefer meeting the vendor themselves. My preference is to meet the vendor *after* we've agreed on the price. This is in London and again, YMMV.
  3. https://www.domain.com.au/living/this-couple-couldnt-afford-to-buy-so-theyre-building-on-top-of-his-parents-house-20180923-h15bd3-766072/ "This couple couldn’t afford to buy, so they’re building on top of his parents’ house ..."
  4. Why are you so convinced that this is a 'lie'? Rightmove is a publicly listed company traded in LSE. They won't be spouting 'lies' for legal reasons. I'm sure it's correct *based on their definition* of time to sell. I can't find the definition in RightMove but from here: https://propertymoose.co.uk/blog/time-to-sell/ it refers to: Honestly, I don't think they tweak this number, it's just a database query,
  5. I also have an anecdote for you. Similarly, on my journeys, I see many people of different colour than white and all are working. Additionally, may white people are not British, there are French, Spanish, German and many other nationalities. Not two miles where I live there's an estate, full of white British people and very few are positive contributors to the economy. Like you, there's no assumption about it either.
  6. I don't understand the attraction of Surbiton. I would rather have this: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-54603552.html (in Wimbledon). It's also build but in a better area (IMO).
  7. Personal experience in SW London (Wandsworth), houses here are selling 10% - 15% down from the peak (Summer 2016).
  8. I would .... honestly, it's (much) better than what I had when I was at uni You have your own kitchen, shower, toilet ... bliss ... Handle-free kitchens have been around for a long time, don't know why it's newsworthy.
  9. I don't see big problems with this? If the aim is for student-accommodation-like dwellings then it's much better than many student accommodations that I've seen & experienced during my uni life! Honestly, I would rather live in one of those (providing it's sensibly priced) than some of my rentals during my student days.
  10. There is no land problem in Australia but there is a land-where-there-are-jobs problem in Australia. Take Sydney for example, lots of lands but epic commutes from the outlying suburbs. Public transport is abysmal and traffic is even worse. It's not like in London where you can have a decent commute the commuter suburbs, the train link the Illawara region (south) and Central Coast (north) is terrible and rage-inducing.
  11. How Deutsche Bank’s high-stakes gamble went wrong https://www.ft.com/content/60fa7da6-c414-11e7-a1d2-6786f39ef675 It's behind a pay-wall, but if you have access it's definitely worth reading. It's one of the long-read articles and has a lot of history why DB is the way it is today, went all the way back to 1995.
  12. Not just the Latin and Slavic nations ... it's endemic everywhere in Europe's big cities.
  13. A vicar job still comes with a house but you'd better sort yourself out during your time because when you retire the CoE won't help you (much).
  14. Fear of Missing the Boat (FMB) has been replaced with Fear of Paying Too Much (FPTM)
  15. Just want to say thank you. This is great and unlike Property Bee it doesn't slow down Chrome (if it does it's not noticeable) and slick. Great stuff.
  16. It's not as simple as that - the 35% risk weighting is pre-Basel III and only for the Standard Rules method of calculating the risk. Basel III adds even more complexity on an already complex risk model, on a high level the risk weighting depends on the LTV. Lower LTV lower risk weighting. Risk management's complexity in banking has increased dramatically in the past decade post the global financial crisis. It has "generated" so much work for grossly overpaid but very much mediocre software developers, BAs and PMs in the financial services industry ... it's tongue-in-cheek comment but there is plenty of truth in that
  17. It's a strange thing to boycott. You'd normally boycott mass-produced items that are readily accessible and has a wide audience. New build in West Chesire is not only expensive, location specific and would only reach a very narrow segment of the population. It makes no sense. I would entertain boycotting VW, something that I might potentially buy myself, but certainly has no business boycotting new builds in West Chesire. To be fair some of the new builds here (SW London) are well constructed, spacious and looks half decent, albeit very expensive.
  18. Why? Is it due to residency requirements?
  19. That is just a ridiculous statement. What all the time that women work before they have children? And even if women are taking a year off for maternity or stop working at all to look after children, the state is not subsidising the women, the state is subsidising the children! Extreme outliers? Another ridiculous statement.
  20. Brown, yellow, red, black ... aren't always foreigners. White ... could well be foreigners
  21. Well ... the property bulls will try to convince others that it will never crash and the property bears will try the opposite. Both have vested interests in the market to go up or down depending on the position. This forum is for the bears VIs to present and discuss their views so of course, you'd expect that kind of view in the majority of the posts here. I think it's unwise to just listen from one viewpoint, it's best to gather as much information as you can from this forum and others and make your own decision.
  22. It's unfortunate, but yes many got it wrong (of not buying) in the past 10 years. I'm not sure how my children would be able to afford it in the not so near future. I'm hoping by the time they're in their late 20s it will change. You can only hope & dream ...
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