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  1. what about someone who knows something about coins?
  2. I asked Richard and he said 'The 1oz Maple came straight out a Canadian Mint tube, and is a brand new coin. The “spotting” on the coin you see is a residue from whatever the Canadian Mint coat their coins in, I can assure you that the “spotting” does not detract from the value of the coins in any way and is common in all Canadian bullion coins. ' what you think about that?
  3. Hi, I just bought coin from Weighton (Richard) but there is one thing that really bothers me.. can you tell me what it is? - in red circle http://imageshack.us/f/823/dsc00934jd.jpg/ Thanks
  4. good to hear that can you tell me what information should I prepare?
  5. Hi, I have few questions related to Weighton Coin website and one about Chinese Panda But Please answer only if you USE this website before 1. does all their coins come with Capsule (the plastic thing that protects coin)?? 2. do they provide certificates? 3. is their website 'legal' (no scam)?? 4. is VAT already in price of coin? 5. all their coins are brand new (eg. silver maple $5 from 2010) + uncirculated? 6. do you recommend this website? now one question about Panda - I know that people say 'dont buy coins from china' but the Panda is minted by government so... 1. If I buy Ch
  6. Thanks for checking that - I also created account to see how its like shipping is quite low it looks like the VAT is already included in price (I am right??) because it says eg. coin - 35 GBP Postage - 3.76 GBP VAT - 20% Total - 38.76 GBP but I might be wrong
  7. Sorry for double post but there is no 'edit' button what websites will you recommend to buy Silver Coins? - with the best prices (incl. tax / shipping / any hidden costs) -For my first time I just want buy ONE Coin to see how its like
  8. what about websites like Weighton Coins?? I mean they have awesome prices but I am worried that there are 'hidden costs'... anyone know what is the shipping to UK? Thanks
  9. Nope. I just want to know if those coins are worth buying - I am NEW to Silver
  10. Hi, I want to buy 2 coins but I don't know is they are worth buying and if the price is good enough + tell me your opinion 1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-CANADA-MAPLE-LEAF-COIN-1oz-FINE-SILVER-GOLD-/120759830535?pt=UK_Coins_World_RL&hash=item1c1dd8c807 2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-U-S-A-SILVER-EAGLE-1-Troy-Oz-SILVER-DOLLAR-COIN-/110725818987?pt=UK_Coins_USA_RL&hash=item19c7c5ea6b Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I am 'newbie' to gold and I need few answers I hope you can help me 1. What is the average price for Silver? - 1 oz. in Dollars and Pounds? 2. Most of the coins I find (eg. on ebay) comes without COA (Certificate of Authority) does that means that the coin is 'fake'?? or maybe that whole Certificate is useless?? 3. Silver American Eagle or Canadian Maple - which one is more popular and why?? 4. .999 or .925? which one is more popular and which one will keep value?? 5. what does 'uncirculated' means? - does it mean that this coin comes brand new with no visible marks or somet
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