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  1. Parasites? yeah, i expect they will take their £850 and blow it on a yacht and a ferrari - how dare they insist on fair pay, disgusting hangings to good for em etc..
  2. Dont waste your time waiting for the HPC - it already happened. Stalemate as you call it is just normal now. I met somebody yesterday who pays 0.49% above base for lifetime of mortgage (pre crash) why would he sell? Too many owners either have tiny mortgage payments or negative equity. I cant find any 3 bed semi in london suburbs less than 2007 price and I cant rent a complete toilet for less than i would pay mortgage (albeit with required 20% deposit) so i save and i buy. We are where we are - Theres only one way to get out and thats to get some in... so well done Grant Schapps and well d
  3. You know you have to keep her happy BIM - although that shouldnt stop you trying to get the best deal.... there aint a lot of genuine buyers out there (ones that have mortgage approval) but there are fewer sensible sellers.. Forget the stamp duty..in the grand scheme of things whats that against your wifes joy and faith in you as the home maker. After renting for last 3 years waiting for HPC - i know something about misereable wives.. Faint heart never won fair lady my freind...sieze the day!
  4. Do what your wife says man - no point in making life difficult for yourself! If its any consolation, i am in similar situation and having agreed to go half way between offer and AP my wife is now happy and we are conveyancing..I dont even get a stamp duty break either.
  5. Shame its turning so slowly - we will all be worm food by time its there!
  6. They are too busy spending the equity in their dreams to listen to the sensible offers being made - with EA's providing emporers new clothes to deluded sellers and resolute forebearance of banks supported by government (our) lolly, and hanging on to repo stocks, it will go on and on. Good try ING but dont lets pretend its just stupid sellers - Banks are holding on to repo's with offers of less than 10% of asking price - change that and the sellers will jump into line PDQ.
  7. Regulars here will tell you to wait for the HPC - just as they have done for many years and it still aint happened in London. If you want it and you can afford it, buy it and enjoy life in your new home. Be sure to bid lower than asking price to satisfy yourself that you drove a good bargain and if the prices drop a little, you wont cry to much - alas there will be no HPC.
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