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  1. I couldn't reply to your other post asking if I am an EA or have never dealt with one. To satisfy your burning curiosity about my profession: 1. I am a fireman, after 8 years in EA in Highgate/Hampstead decided to do something else. 2. I have sold recently and am currently looking to buy in SE1/E1/E2, so yes I have dealt with agents. Typical fee would be what I mentioned below.
  2. E1W is wapping, right? A quick rightmove search reveals you have some pretty big hitters in the EA field in your area, and things look to be selling, so why not just bite the bullet? Surely they would come lower their fee to 1.5-1.75% if the market is as bad as everyone says it is on this forum? so I have joined the legions of unsold housing stock unwilling to reduce price but able to stick it out for a few years to see what is happening wasting time and clogging up right move essentially. USE AN AGENT
  3. Who gives a monkeys backside? Are you going to say anything constructive about the property or just monitor the price and bleat about it online?
  4. whatever he said. Properties are selling- I think you need to bite the bullet and pay an estate agent to do his job- no matter how much you may loathe to do so.
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