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  1. Update we found a property last summer we had to move quick to reserve it, we had been looking for a while and moved over here 3 months ago, we decided to go for a town area property rather than a ocean village type new apartment, it was a reasonable price and we can add a lot of value the rates are £25 a month! The rental market is very strong and a shortage is pushing up prices, the property market for sales seems stable, the recent troubles might push up rentals and property prices as a lot do live in Spain with border delays frustrating those crossing daily. Getting work done on the pro
  2. I used to be a cottage owner in Whitby and sold it last year for a profit having bought it peak price, our cottage had good views and was always in demand the rentals were really strong, my advice if going for a rental is go for a good view or on the harbour, something that stands out as you have a lot of competition at the normal 120k cottage in a back alley/ yard, we only had one cottage but had to turn lots of bookings away. The first year used a holiday company in the main st who charged 20% we could not understand why there was not many bookings when our cottage was one of the decent on
  3. Just back from Gibraltar and things are moving down ! Been over 5 times now over the past 2 years looking for a property we now have the money having sold in the uk, 2 years ago prices were high and the agents were talking the prices up having now seen what is going on we feel its a very false priced market that is inflated by the agents or the owners wanting top dollar. This last visit ilast week was a bit different with us being told that low offers are maybe acceptable, some agents still living in cukoo land talking the market up but a lot of property is for sale and even more to rent.
  4. its always a good year in whitby, the sun always shines on us, you can tell when money starts coming in to the town, some fantastic new restaurants and bars, the moneys coming in its taking the rents even higher, how many repossesions has there been in whitby and how many come up for auction, very rare, i think allsop sold the last one years ago
  5. You lot keep quoting not very good agents, i advised to look at a company shoreline-cottages that are doing very well, have very good holiday cottages of a very high standard, that is the standard required to do very well. Most purchased years ago and you would need a good location and 4star to make the numbers work today but if the prices are slipping some of the clever owners will be buying them as they know the rental figures are strong, not me im not greedy... A very small cottage was just sold in robin hoods bay just up the coast asking 180k went to best bids 7 offers and went for o
  6. No i dont need to provide any examples, have a look at the website i gave you, good money in holiday rental in the right place, that is what is holding whitby property prices up, the good holiday rental properties will always find a buyer, 23k a year rental for a 3 bed cottage takes some beating and thats without pushing it. i pay 0.69 over base for the mortgage, happy days
  7. You just have to accept that someone is telling you like it is, you are guessing and know nothing about whitby or holiday rentals, You would really struggle to let a 7 bedroom cottage off peak, the market is best for 2 or 3 bedrooms cottages and you should try a website like www.shoreline-cottages.com who have quite a few, Whitby is busy even in winter, all the peak seson periods are fully booked both the christmas week and new year week are always booked and the late deal market off season is very busy with 3 or 4 nights from £225 -£325. you can use a holiday cottage yourself in a place th
  8. The Whitby holiday letting is very strong, i have one and its busy a lot of the time, 23k last year, £ 750 a week in peak all full and lots of 3 or 4 days even in winter, whitby is very busy all year round and many have multiple houses, its the strongest holiday spot in the north imo, most seem to have bought years ago and small cottages can still be had for 100k that will easily return 10% plus if you let it yourself via google or website and use it yourself if empty. The prices to buy have come dowm from the peak but holiday rentals are still keeping them stronger than a lot of places
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