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  1. I used to care about this sort of stuff, then I gave up cos nobody else seems to care. I'm happier and healthier as a result of joining the apathy crowd.
  2. Yes, and his paranoia would be more apt when the moon is closer to being full rather new.
  3. From what I remember oftomh, it required inneficient job-sharing, whereby a one-man workload was needlessly given to 2 people to do. Was more efficient for one person to struggle to do a 1.2 man job than 2 people to do a 0.6 man job each. That sort of thing. Can't say I'm that expert on labour economics as an econometrician, but that was my gleaning at the time. My winkie-face was put there to not ruffle feathers. Merely pointing out that it wasn't a new idea.
  4. Personally I have savaged my outgoings in the last 18 months, so my 'basket' has changed beyond recognition. I have found cheaper or free alternatives to loads of stuff I used to spend on* So basically the 'essential' stuff that can't be avoided has gone up by around 10% if I had to guestimate without going through the paperbin. * Holidays now in the UK Bike rather than bus Ale rather than lager Bargain hunting for food, swapping to more tins/frozen Barter more on rent/fees/services when I never used to Discovered music is free on the internet Discovered free online gaming I now save 600 quid a month compared to about 100
  5. No doubt our new oligarch overlords or eastern tat-merchants will snap them up for their dynasties. That or financial ruin/bailout for this savvy investor.
  6. I commute from Cheshire to Manchester through Stockport every day, and even at peak traffic I find it pleasurable. I ride past all the motorists in their debt-boxes and give a smug friendly wave The housing situation in g manchester is interesting. the flats and terraces are getting way cheaper, whilst the semis in the nicer areas are pretty resilient. So for FTBers things are STARTING to get interesting ... but definately wait longer imho. Its a slow motion rollercoaster, and we're at the bit where the excitement is just beginning before the plunge. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but as said above, I see no good reason for an INCREASE in prices, so caution says chillax and get on with life for a bit.
  7. France ten years ago called. They want their crap idea back.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've had a glance at my local bidding site, and there are some without restrictions. If I get dumped I'll bid. I'm good at sob stories.
  9. Fewer rescue tools available this time round. I guess the workers will soon be saying tata to their jobs
  10. Quite, and its the lazy school run / pint of milk types that need pricing out of their laziness through tax.
  11. Good grief. Seriously? Praying for higher house prices! :angry:
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