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  1. Hello I was due to complete this Friday - but there are three queries outstanding with the vendors solicitor surrounding legal title and the gas installation. As a result, my solicitor would not release the contract that I signed way back on 10th October to them. For the past few weeks, she and the estate agent have been trying to contact her to no avail. The queries are still unanswered and she has not contacted either of them back. The estate agent has left two message with the vendor this week and he has not returned the calls. Am I being a bit paranoid or does this not sound right? thanks!
  2. Thanks for that, I got the info that I needed. I guess it doesnt hurt to put an offer in. All they can do is say no. I think this is a case of FTB naivety, but I'm at a loss to why they are still on. The area in particular has about ten houses up for sale in two back to back streets, all for around the 75k mark. Surely if one has been on at this price for 18 months and hasnt had an offer on at any stage then you would reduce the asking price and swallow the loss. Easy for me to say, I guess as I'm not the one trying to shift it. Just the one trying to get it cheaper!
  3. Haha, yes, I remember that. I presume if the houses have been on for over a year though, that it would be registered by now.
  4. Hello Is there any way to find out how much a house was purchased for in N.I? I had a look at land registry online & it seems you have to apply for a pack to see stuff online. Thanks
  5. I am in Northern Ireland, our land registry doesnt show the price the house was last purchased at. I'm trying to find out how I can see this.
  6. I didn't think the estate agent would have known what the mortgage is, only maybe a lowest offer they will take. There are about several properties on for sale in the two streets, all on for around the same price, but I know that two of them have definitley been on for over 12 months, one with a drop from 84k and one with a drop from 79k.
  7. Hello I am a first time buyer. I was sale agreed on a house and had a mortgage approved but the house came back with quite serious structural issues so I pulled out. My limit for a mortgage is £60k. I am now in the process of trying to find another house and a few around the £70 - 75k mark caught my eye. I did some further research on them and have seen that three on at £75k have been on for more than a year - in one case 18 months. How much leverage does length of time in the market give you, if any, when offering on a house? In terms of me, I am chain free and my last mortgage application was approved which I know is seen as advantageous to some sellers. I was told surprisingly by one estate agent that in the current market "No one tries to sell unless they have to". What do you reckon the chances are of getting them down? Thanks in advance
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