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  1. Have you heard of chain-reaction and / or counter-party contagion?
  2. By extension of the same logic.. should the seller request for a 'buy assurance' from you? Would that be reasonable? Like it or not, the English conveyance system is no commitment before completion by design.
  3. Mortgage maybe cheap, but houseprices are still too high [outside of the affordable level of most people]
  4. Rates is low because economy is shite. Where in the world do you see high rates? Nothing to do whether banks are nationalized or not.
  5. prime london still won't fall... north / eat sh!tholes probaably will.. i am still waiting to snap up two bed near hyde park... excellent..
  6. So true, medical malpractice rates are on the rise
  7. Hence many lost their job in 2007/2008. The mere mortals were debt fueled, and consumed beyond their means.
  8. Bonus (2011) will be significantly lower than the boom years. And if you don't meet your performance target, you will be cut. It's ruthless.
  9. You probably don't even understand half the things he's talking about.
  10. Call it what you want. Doesn't really change the life of you and me.
  11. Quant - it's more likely 8:30 - 19:00 x5, i won't call that 100 hours a week. Even desk based.
  12. In big firms you don't get to setup / install your work station.. you raise request and have a tech team doing that for you... so it depends are how quickly that tech team action those requests... and often accounts / permission setup takes days if not weeks..
  13. You are a bloke, i have no interest hearing such stories!
  14. I am so fed up with living frugally and saving all the time. I want a life..
  15. Experience still matters, but you need the 'right' kind of experience. As you say, 'niche' is important, as in subject matter / industry. There's an element of luck in everything in life. But since you cannot control luck, you might as well put the energy towards better preparing yourself, to seize the opportunity when it comes. What's the old saying? Luck (opportunity) favours those that are prepared.
  16. Train to be a doctor / physician. Borrow more and enjoy prolonged student life, travel the world. I recently met two American girls studying Medicine, nice girls, intelligent, in their mid 20s, each with ~150K in debt, but really seemed to be enjoying their Euro holiday off borrowed money.
  17. They ask for PhD / Masters not because of necessity, rather too many applicants. Serves as HR screening.
  18. I just came back from Zurich, stayed there for the long weekend. On one of the excursion tours i took, the tour guide mentioned that only 6% of the population in Zurich owned property, and country-wide wise 33% did, the rest just rented. Yet considering Switzerland is one of the (if not the) wealthiest and most affluent country in Europe, wtf are you suckers complaining about not being able to get on the property ladder? Zurich is bloody expensive though, a medium Big Mac meal was ~£11! Those long white veal sausages they have there are delicious! ummm... so succulent and tasty... how co
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