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  1. I told them of all the problems I could think of by email. I wouldn't speak to them on the phone/ in person unless they agreed to let me record the conversations because its too open to abuse/ just poor memory on one side. (they wouldn't agree to allowing me to use a dictaphone to record the conversations, so there weren't any.) I think this will help when i move out because if everything is in writing, then there can be no doubt as to who said what. As far as I can see, I am protected today against claims on my deposit for doing up the house. however, if I sign that contract then next week
  2. Then about notice for viewings for prospective tenants when i am leaving: The contract says they can come round after giving reasonable notice. Who decides how much is "reasonable"? They do. (I wrote back suggesting 24 hours).
  3. It's common sense that they would be unfair. i.e. I move into a dirty house full of dust and cobwebs, marks on the walls, food in the cupboards, hair matted into the carpets etc and the windows haven't been washed in at least a year . Plus several rooms have no light because all the bulbs are broken. Whereas I'd be agreeing to leaving the house hotel-clean, get the carpets and windows professionally cleaned and I'll be liable if there is even a single broken bulb when I leave. Isn't this betterment? Then there are other terms e.g. no rent is due if I have to move out because the house has be
  4. Obviously I would rather give as little notice as possible but I do agree that its unfair on the landlord, which is why i agreed the two months. I was expecting a simple contract just saying that, but instead I got a very long contract that is full of unfair clauses. Everything is tilted in the landlord's favour in that contract. My advice to anyone else would be don't sign it, but I find myself in the position of worrying that I'll be evicted if I don't. The letting agent seems a bit confused about terms like "draft" and "revision" when applied to contracts. I am beginning to doubt mys
  5. yes, loads of photos and several days of my summer holiday 2011 devoted to documenting the issues in writing. I can't work out whether the LL realises that the agreement has unfair terms or not. He is relatively new to being a landlord and has made a few comments to me that give the impression that he thinks tenants should upgrade the property. Maybe he is putting his blind trust in the agents. The agent seemed to miss the point about fairness in her reply. Instead she focused on how lawyers had checked the contract. So what? It doesn't say what I would agree to so who cares who wrote it or
  6. I'd be interested to hear other people's views on what they would do in my situation. My 12 month assured shorthold tenancy contract expires v. soon. I wanted to go to the unwritten type, but the LL wants a written one for "his protection". As far as I can tell the LL thinks we are good tenants and is keen for us to stay. We were unhappy with the letting agents and he has gone to some trouble to get them to improve. The Lettign agent told me that the main thing the landlord wanted was two months notice from each side, so we agreed to sign a new contract. However, when the contract came thr
  7. I had an overlap too and the council tax clerk told me that i just have to declare the unslept-in property vacant. Call and explain that you had vacated the property in question and tell them where you were living for those days.
  8. I got an email from the agent on Friday saying they'd been told to make a full repayment of my money and to expect it in my account that day. Of course, it did not turn up (because the agency are slow even when they need to be quick) but I'll give them to Monday before I start getting upset again. TBH I never thought the ex-landlord would settle. I sent an email last week saying I intended to contact the police about fraud (and I believed I could prove it). Personally I do not think the police would have been interested (I'd have tried though) but if the police did start investigating then
  9. I was going to start the TDS last Monday (having given a deadline of last weekend to give all the money back to me). I downloaded the forms and filled them out and got all the documents together. Then I noticed my husband needs to sign too but he's out of the country all week. He's back tomorrow night though, so I will post them on Saturday, unless it gets resolved before then. An hour ago, I thought there was no chance of a resolution whatsoever. However, now I actually think it might get resolved before then as I've had an email from the landlord this evening and he's pretty much backing
  10. the agent is now offering to stump up some money if the landlord and I will compromise. (they say its too much work and they want ti settled). They aren't stating an amount though but the landlord would get it in any case. the truth is they haven't done any work so far apart from forward on the landlord's claims and return the undisputed money. I think they've sent me about ten emails, most of which are only a couple of sentences. But next week when I send the case to the TDS, then they WILL have work to do, and lots of it. they haven't even given me one invoice, estimate or receipt for all
  11. I got a very interesting email from the person who had the tenancy before me over the weekend. (We got to know each other after I moved to the area and into the house that she had just moved out of). She tells me that the house had damp problems whilst she lived there and then it was flooded about a year before we moved in. About half the LL's claim against my deposit is for damp which he says I must have caused by breathing! I asked for a damp inspection and he wouldn't do it, so now I know why. The other half of the email goes into territory which would be of interest to the inland revenu
  12. i hope you are right, Zebedee! Well the agent didn't pay back the extra undisputed money yesterday, as promised, so unless I get it back today, I am going to have to raise a dispute with the TDS even to get the undisputed money refunded!
  13. I got an email today from the agent to say that the landlord's have reduced their claim by 40% (no explanation) and that they will soon give the agent receipts and estimates to back up their claims. Then the agent is going to refer the matter to the dispute service on the landlord's behalf. I will wait until I've got the money back - should be by Thursday - so that I know how much to put down on the TDS claim form (unless the agent does it first)
  14. if they completely hedge, then they should only make small losses or small gains. the ones in question are probably directional - so the manager guesses the direction of the market and bets on that. If he gets it wrong, then he loses some money. If he leverages (i.e. borrows to put on an even bigger bet) then he loses a lot more - and most do leverage. In fact i think they more or less all leverage. (ex- fund of hedge fund manager!)
  15. It is over five weeks since the tenancy ended, three weeks since they sent me the first claim, two weeks since it went up 60%. I have asked in writing several times for something to substantiate the claims and my request has been ignored every time. In turn the agent has written three times asking for a counter offer and/ or a meeting at his office where he can explain the landlord's claims and then get me to make a counter offer. I keep saying the offer is £0, now justify your claim. Anyway, after no contact for a fortnight from the agency's side, they finally sprang into action last night
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