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  1. What makes you think ea's don't have to work extra hours then? I would really love some of you have to work with me for a couple of weeks and see some of the shit that we have to deal with. And when you talk about stress do you not think it is stressful having to go and tell a family that they have lost thousands of pounds because they have been messed around by a buyer? Or having to deal with idiots like you lot who think it is amusing to put in ridiclous offers because you feel that you have some sort of right to be able to buy the house you want at the price you want?
  2. I beg to differ- the reason why the country is going down the pan is because people have it too easy- if you are on a flat salary then you have little incentive to achieve more than what is merely acceptable. If you are on performance- related pay then you have got extra incentive to go out every day and perform to your very best, which is surely what every employer wants from their staff? So nobody buys property in the so-called 'less desirable' areas? Ok then... If these leaflets really offend you lo that much and you really believe thatwe make the buyers up then try giving the agent a call. I know that at our company we keep a log of which applicant has been used on tout material as a potential buyer and always ask the applicants permission first (even though we only use initials) so that in the instance that somebody like yourself rings up on their high horse accusing us of lying then we can happily refer them to the ombudsman as we have all the evidence that we are touting for a genuine buyer And I'm sure no agents are foolish enough to write that they have a client willing to pay full asking price even though they haven't valued he property yet
  3. And they started WW2, and were to blame for Sept. 11th, and I'm sure that Countrywide had something to do with the spread of AIDS in Africa... please try and keep things in perspective! If you don't like them, then come up with an alternative- and when it works and puts agents out of buisness then you might have a leg to stand on! And on the whole commision based topic- WHAT IS WRONG WITH GETTING PAID COMMISSION!? An estate agent works for a vendor- if you were employing somebody to sell your house, would you not rather they had an incentive to work hard and get a buyer for you? I know if I was not getting paid extra for selling a house I wouldn't work half as hard as I do
  4. What do fraud and deception have to do with putting a leaflet through a door asking if we can help sell a house?
  5. Terrible isn't it, people advertising for buisness!!! Don't know how those blasted estate agents get away with it, I mean, no other proffessions have to resort to such an underhand tactic I wonder if some of you people read what you are posting and realise how ridiculous you soud- I will hold my hands up and say that estate agents are no angels but you can't have a pop at us for trying to take properties on the market! Why is it acceptable for, say Ford, to want to sell cars, but not for us to want to sell houses?
  6. I assume that you instructed the agents in the hope that they would sell your property, yes? Well how do you work out that you are being shafted then when they have got you a buyer? It comes down to effective cause of introduction- your buyer obviously was introduced to your property through this agent, so if he goes on to purchase your property then you have to pay up, simple as that! You have got two choices, find yourself another buyer, or stop being such a tightwad and accept the fact that you have entered into a contract- your agents have fullfilled their part of the deal!
  7. It is fairly common for it to take a couple of months for a sale to appear on nhprices, also you will probably find is that lot of the 90% are currently SSTC rather than actually completed hence why they are still vacant
  8. It might seem a hilarious thing to do for some people, but when you have to ring up your vendor and tell them that they have just wasted a grand on search fees and survey because the buyer was messing around, it really isn't that amusing.... They might just seem like greedy buggers to you, but doing things like that affects these peoples lives
  9. I am shocked as well! I wasn't sure whether to make such a controversial 1st post- I was fulling expecting to get slaughtered for it. You are all just pussycats really
  10. Absolutely agree buddy- it isn't sustainable for prices to go up indefinately, hence why they have slipped a touch over the last year. I don't see, however any catalyst for them to come down- affordability is something which gets quoted a lot on this board, but unrealistic expectations are more of a problem than affordability. I would love to buy a big four bedroom house with en-suite, double garage etc. but I was realistic enough to see that I dont have any divine right to own a palace- it is something to aspire to undoubtedly, but your first home isn't going to be like that- unless you are very lucky! Personally, I bought a two bedroom terraced house in a reasonable area for £115,000. 5% deposit down, approx. 4.5 income multiple i believe- it is do-able to buy, not cheap and not easy but each to their own though- there are always going to be people who feel that they are owed something and have un realistic expectations of what their first property will be!
  11. I can get you a more precise figure tomorrow, but I would say that there are probably about 40ish FTB's looking with us at present. Generally they are tending to go for properties on the Oxmoor estate- not the best area in the world, but not the worst either, and you can pick up a reasonable two bedroom mid for £105,000 ish. Income multiples wise, on average I would say that we are tending to see about 4 - 4.5 times income with most FTB's. With regards to buyer confidence, it is pretty unusual for some one to stop looking due to any worries about the market, so it can't be too bad!
  12. Come on, you know that transaction levels have pretty much halved compared to last year. You would be suprised- I can honestly say that my office has sold 30% more YTD! And how many FTBs are round your way (and by that I mean young couples/families buying for the first time and not "returners") ? Off the top of my head, out of 6 sales in the last two weeks I believe there were three FTB's in there. Average Terraced house in Huntingdon - £130,201. An average FTB salary is not £37,200. Very true! I won't argue with the fact that it isn't easy for a single person to get on the ladder at the moment, and most, if not all, of the FTB's about are couples- £37,200 is a lot for one person to earn, but very achievable for a couple
  13. I have been lurking on this site for a couple of months now on and off, and thought some of you guys might be interested in an EA's take on things. From what I can see, day to day, business is still very good- our numbers are up on what we have done for the last two years and we are making a tidy profit. In the last year or so I have noticed a gradual dip in house prices in my area- not a huge drop, but a drop none the less. The properties that are moving quickly now are on average 10 to 15k less than this time last year. In my position as a valuer, I am having to go out and try to impress on prospective vendors the fact that their property is worth less than this time last year-not easy when my competition are happy to tell people exactly what they want to hear. Contrary to popular belief on this site, EA's don't have any intrest in ramping up prices- what matters to me is getting a lot of units shifted regardless of what price they are at! My feeling is that the smart EA's and vendors have identified this small dip in the market- getting properties on at the right price is key now to getting them sold quickly. The market is very very busy at the moment- not at all as bad as what you would think from reading some of the posts on here! From my humble perspective, a crash in price can only happen if people stop buying houses- please correct me if i'm wrong but that is how I see it! I feel that those of you who are praying for a crash will be sorely disappointed- we have/are currently coming through a small correction in prices but i honestly can't see any 30%+ drops coming!
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