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  1. Yeah, that's one way to p1ss the Iranians off... insult their parentage. ...Rufflestgp HAHAHAHA
  2. plus -Demolition site. plus -Undisclosed reserve.
  3. Good article. 25 years in Tefl and related. Only escape was to repackage myself as a technical instructor and hit the shadowy area of foreign military instruction. If any "go" still left, and still able to sell yourself to an employer, it is an avenue to pursue. It's a lot better as pay goes, but pointless professional prostitution as much as TEFL. After 25 years in TEFL quite a step up though.
  4. Easy Most of Culross- worth a few quid more paid.
  5. someone's new book Not exactly a NEW book he died in 1911. Published a few years after that.
  6. At present there is a dispute between the Kwt Ministry of Foreign Affairs and US/UK Embassies over expat paperwork and notarisation procedures that could affect the status of newly engaged western expats and future employment of westerners. This announced in last day or two. Diplomatic discussions ongoing. ??????? Can't indicate sources.
  7. GAWD! EXACTLY It's about exactly what you said.
  8. Just follow the pics through. The last one is the punch. What's it all about? The decor theme adds to my befuddlement. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-20275650.html?premiumA=true
  9. It is possible the man in his own house was cleaning his shotgun. He obviously thought he was too busy to bother with visiting viewers.
  10. My pet hate is using OF instead of HAVE.
  11. UNFAIR! Everywhere I have been (and stayed some time) IS sh1te. 20+ countries But you may be right about paradise, I am a mega whinge.
  12. Actually worse than you think. SAD really these were the cheap and cheerful starter homes in previous decades. Now bombed by BTLrs and filthy HPI manipulators coming north. Thankfully some of them have had their fingers truly burnt. Not enough though. The decimation left is probably there to stay till clearance. Scary place to live if you have no choice. If you can't beat them join them is the by word. Local camouflage needed.
  13. I am geting sick of this thread. YOU CAN NOT LIVE ON 200GBP a month in Manila. GOT IT? Don't give me the--'Pinoys do' rubbish. No they don't. They live in abject misery unless they have half a dozen in the household on this 'top' salary. A UK expat can not live the way they do. Anyway they won't let you. Can you live as a "bedspacer' on a third of your wage.That is floor space or filthy mattress with 5/6 others in tiny space. Try and hold a job down when your clothes and shoes take a walk.. You won't be buying any on that wage. The food you will be eating if you can hold it down will sooner or later put you in hospital. If you can afford the hospital bills. They will want to ee you bank account before they let you though the door. Based on 17 years Philippines experience.
  14. Nearly full agreement. About 1300GBP a month it is for decent life, but we have a house bought and paid for. Does cost a packet to upkeep though. Build quality sucks. Materials suck.
  15. OK. If you are paying a tiny price for a tiny place. I suspect the price is ridiculously high. Maybe she mentioned price towards end- dunno- cos couldn't watch it to the finish..
  16. CHEAP? You are all brainwashed. There is nothing cheap in Hartlepool. I think you might mean cheapER than some places. FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS PLUS for stinky run down 2 up 2 down terraces. Nobody with a pinch of sense would risk it or put their family through the trauma of the daily stress living in most of the locations on offer. No locals wanted them when they were less than 10 grand a decade or so ago. At least then they were not BTL rejects and still had reasonable occupants in many. A few areas where these CHEAP houses are make Detroit look up and coming. Decent properties in better locations are beyond the grasp of the average wage earner. Young workers in Hatlepool have not a hope of getting affordable homes on their wages/salaries without Mom and Pop Bank- Lotto win-pushing a bit of recreational substance or LIAR LOANS and blindly accepting a life of total debt slavery out of proportion to historical norms. I suggest many people have just thrown in the towel, realised it a waste of time, and settling for HB to shoulder the ridiculous rents; unpayable if you are earning an average wage for area. SO if you see the social contradictions here you will understand the social mobility flux occurring. Sinking aspirations, the catch 22 of it all, the self perpetuating spiral down is creating more and more fodder for the BTL merchants to blitz reasonable areas one by one, turning poor property into poorer property. The poor property terraces were once the FTB starter homes now they are the last resort. Decaying, festering areas THAT LOOK 'CHEAP'on Rightmove are thrown into stark relief if you do a Google Street view or better still... go and have a look. Not in the dark though. CHEAP! Shhheesh. A little rant over. Hence ma
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