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  1. This. I used to go there in the late 90's, being prepared to queue for anywhere from 10mins to an hour just to get a table was to be expected before even setting out. I think the rot set in once Ramsdens because a pass the parcel enterprise for the large corporate catering companies to get their teeth into. Then they attempted to grow the brand with more outlets, failing to scale the quality with it. It's an age old formula. Take a great, well respected well run family business who cared about quality and customer service. Then sell out to the corporates, who understand none of the aforementioned values, only efficency and profit, sit back and wait for the inevitable.
  2. Works for me. Especially having just read this : http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=172321 You want to have 15 kids on the state that you have no means to support whatsoever? Sure, we have to stay a responsible civilised society and cannot just cut these people loose, as tempting as it is. So, hey, sure. No problem mate. Enjoy your new 6 bedroom mud shack
  3. So if I understand this correctly, we're going to yet AGAIN channel more leveraged tax payers money through the banks, hoping it pops back out again at the other end. Sure... lol! Isn't this deja vu? Haven't we heard all this before with the bail outs, and all that tough talk about making sure the banks extend their credit to the small businesses who need it most. And it never ceased to amaze me whilst so many SME's are up to the eye balls in loans and liabilities. What can't anyone run a business these days competently, based on the good old fashioned principles of managing cash flow and liquidity? I mean, seriously… take the Thomas Cook example. A name that has been trading for 170 years. Seasonal lulls is hardly anything new, they’ve had quite a long time to learn that and put aside cash during the peaks to get them through the lows.
  4. Ewwwwwww. I've seen some pretentious crap in my time but those hideous Dior branded cushions is a new one on me. Guess the vendor has never heard of the golden rule of making the internal spaces look neutral, open and spacious. What a jam packed tasteless clutter fest of designer tat! I don't think the exterior work is too bad, but it seems to me to be a hopeless waste of time and money to then present the interior so very badly.
  5. But is a point in time snapshot a fair comparison? It's only a paper loss until you sell, so those figure's only stack surely if you were to actually sell up on todays value? Bit surprised it took like ten posts before anyone asked what interest rate was used on those calculations!!! I quit renting to buy in late 2007. My base+0.75% lifetime tracker has been doing me very very nicely. My current minimum mortgage payment is £62/month more than I was paying in rent for a property half of the size. Ok, I accept the current market has worsened, but 16 months ago an identical property in my street sold (yes sold, not asking) for not a penny under what I paid. But I don't intent to sell any time soon, and I can easily offset any losses in property value against the savings from having that wicked mortgage. I could shed 20k in property value right now and not be any worse off than buying at a 20k reduced price today on a 6% mortgage. And all that time I have been enjoying the freedom and flexibility of not having a landlord to answer to, and if I want to drill some holes in a wall or give it a lick of paint, it's no-ones business but mine. Hard to put a price on that. Sure the mortgage started high, 6% ish, but not for long, and I've been using the difference to overpay, so at the same time I am nicely tearing down the mortgage term and interest bearing capital. I was pooping bricks when I realised I had bought at the peak of a bubble, but so far I consider it the best financial decision I ever made.
  6. I'd love to get interested, but given that McKinsey, as recently as March this year (as I'm sure many people around here are aware) were caught in an insider trading scandal that it's senior partners were implicated in, I just want to spit when I hear that name. And I think we’re all bored and wise to the “rogue individual” stories by now, lol. The fact that anyone would give them business, or give any credibility to their opinions just makes me die a little. I would hope that we would not give such allegedly (well not really allegedly, it's a matter of public record) any recognition of existence and left to rot.
  7. It's far from just the high street thought. At the co. I work for, and seemingly many many medium to large UK co.'s have been doing more or less the same thing in the last 12-24 months. Is it shroud business sense, or is it more like blackmail? e.g. "hey, give us cheaper prices OR ELSE". Not much better than playground bullying for a kids sweets or lunch money from some perspectives. But it's the hypocrisy that gets me. All these large co's. bleat on about their ethical trading and social responsibility commitments, yet surely the only effect of this is to a) go elsewhere, so the supplier loses a big chunk of business and presumably has to make lay offs to break even or supplier takes the hit, presumably having to make lay offs to break even. Either way, every single one of these "deals" is surely another hit on our economy and employment.
  8. It's a nice idea, but maybe a bit too generic. It needs to demand a specific solution, something they can take forward to debate in parliament, not just a statement of disapproval. Here's an idea though (that I can't personally take credit for). How to clean up UK politics in one simple line of legislation. At the front of my mind is Labour promising an EU referendum that we never received (due to all that wriggle room nonsense about the Lisbon treaty not being a full treaty so didn't count, or something like that). Then we had Cameron say we'd get one, to then figure out he couldn't. Still waiting to see any results of Cameron's pledges to get rid of stupid H&S and red-tape also At the moment, their maximum culpability is a TV interview grilling. So - make any party leader culpable for impeachment and/or treason if they make any written manifesto pledges that they a) do not deliver thought they could deliver but couldn't c) never had any bleeding intention all along. In any other industry we'd call that false advertising, lol. I'd raise the petition myself to suggest such a thing, except a) I don't do social networking, so would struggle to spread the word and drum up support and as if, in a million billion years, any sitting party would ever back such a thing - far too much of a threat to the establishment. Crying shame though that we judge advertising with more accountability than governments who put forward a pack of lies to win votes. This one single thing would surely inject a whole new of reality and following through on your promises into our whole political system. Perhaps?
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