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  1. Signed and sent to friends. I wish someone would set up a party for under-35s (anyone could vote for it) that broadly represented young interests (vs those of baby boomers). It could get huge numbers of votes from those who feel disaffected. Shame there's no PR in the UK, what a joke.
  2. These dumps are all the same. Even back in 94 I saw some like this for 25,000. It will definitely go for more than 15K. But it will not go for more than 30K, impossible. You could buy one for cash at 30K easily. These terraced areas in Manchester are total dumps, I know this from personal experience.
  3. Males without a house are not considered "worthy" by women for marriage and kids. This is a FACT, no matter how many people try to deny it. The housing crisis will cause fewer and fewer eligible batchelors and lead to more lawlessness. I predict that the next wave of violence will see the middle classes join in en masse. They will see that they have little to lose. I mean, right now, I have nothing to lose. I don't own anything of value, I have effectively zero savings and I have no prospects of ever getting a house, let alone paying for my pension. Seeing as everyone else is sponging off t
  4. I would argue humans lived perfectly well in societal tribal systems for many thousands of years perfectly fine. Why do we need any controls? Why do we need taxes? The system that we used to live by is infinitely better than the one we live by now. Obviously we cannot turn back the clock but we can learn many lessons from our ancient heritage about how best to operate a society.
  5. Some of the namby pamby responses about the presumption of guilt by the riot cops are ridiculous. What should they have done? Stop them and require them to fill out a form in block capitals and in triplicate? Or maybe even the favourite one of the liberal, soft left: call a public enquiry? These prevailing attitudes are precisely the reason why the disadvantaged in society can run rot. The socialist experiment is all well and good but it is too idealistic. When a less than optimum result ensues (nearly always some inequality) then you need measures to contain it i.e. hard justice. For co
  6. I wonder why silver continues to be so erratic though. I know it is a much smaller market than gold but each movement seems to be the opposite these days. I'm convinced it's rigged and I might move my silver holdings into gold instead.
  7. tkane has a point. How many of us have been waiting years for it to happen? Maybe we just need to stop waiting for to be proven right because it may never happen, nothing is 100%. I STILL don't have a house and I'm getting older all the time. I'm in my thirties now, this is ridiculous to still be renting, sometimes even in shared houses. I'm not going to put up with this forever. Just look at the latest interest rate announcement. 2 years! This will keep prices up. Seems that there never will be a crash, just instead they will let the bubble slowly deflate with low interest rates and printi
  8. Someone on Bloomberg TV is saying that people are liquidating gold to meet margin calls due to falls on stock market.
  9. Has anyone mentioned Bullionvault already? I've bought there in the past. Excellent prices. Of course, it's vaulted and not in your hand but still safe IMO.
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