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  1. I am a leaseholder in Fulham (local council are the free holder) I would like to extend into my loft and the council have told me I have to buy the loft from them as it is not included in my lease. I applied to buy it a few months ago and they just got back to me with my offer - £40k !! Its currently a 1.5 bed in sands end. Im in shock. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Id like to fight it but not sure how. It seems a bit extreme. Thanks a lot
  2. Not sure the best place to post this. Just bought a top floor flat in London, with a back garden shared with the flat below (who are council tenants) Its a tiny london back yard with a lot of space been taken up by an old air raid shelter which Id love to remove. I have contacted the council who arent interested. Anyone have any experience of removing an air raid shelters? the roof is reinforced concrete about 6 inches thick. Thinking of lighting a fire in it to weaken the concrete but the smoke will be a huge problem in london! Its a long shot posting here, but no harm trying.
  3. its an 85 yr old lady. met her and shes very nice - we would have the garden pretty much to ourselves for the time being. after that its a lottery who we'd get.
  4. the garden is not currently laid out like that. thats how Id like it to be (I Think it would make both flats more valuable) Yes I would need agreement from upstairs flat and the freeholder (who is the council)
  5. there is steps down from the back - so their access is ok. Its a 50ft garden - my thinking was its going to make both flats more valuable if the garden is split in 2 so they both have a private garden. An upside down L shape for the basement flat on the RHS so you would have a path to a 25ft garden at the back. A 25ft slightly narrower rectangle with direct access for the street level flat.
  6. Its a victorian terrace previously owned by the council
  7. 85 years left on the lease - council are the leaseholders - £350 a year maintenance charge - think thats quite reasonable WIll def get a survey for damp before buying It seems great to me (depening on survey) just cant understand why no offers when similar sq footage is selling well
  8. Surely Mortgage is £1100 CURRENTLY so it makes sense right now, but will it still make sense in 3 years time? is this interest only or repayment? seems quite low for zone 2 Interest rates are at a historical low and the £1100 can only go up - only question is by how much and when
  9. Hi HPC Am considering buying a basement flat/ lower ground flat in SW6 (fulham). (Marketed as a "garden flat"!) It has access to a 50ft shared garden with the flat above. I currently rent nearby so know the area quite well and like it. I notice you seem to get more for your money with the basement/ lower ground flats. Are they somehow less desirable? is there a stigma attached to living lower ground? Its been on the market 2 months and hasnt had a single offer - its in a great location and is in great condition and (I think) is reasonably priced compared to similar sq footage in the area. I haved viewed the flat a few times and it seems quite bright - light doesnt seem to be an issue. The ceiling height seems fairly normal. Is there something I should be looking for/ or im not thinking about? I just cant understand why it has had no offers and other flats with the same sq footage Ive looked at in the same area sell within 6 weeks. Appreciate your thoughts
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