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  1. The BBC's live budget coverage included this gem: 1200: Muriel, from Aberdeenshire, writes: "I'm 61, single, a professional lady (role), we've had no salary increase since 2009, fuel is now 140/litre for diesel, food prices creeping up and up, about to be made redundant (31st March), and now I'm struggling to find another job to pay my mortgage that runs until I'm 75. I have no pension and no savings now. How is this government/budget going to help people like me?"
  2. That house looks terrified! It needs some friends around it ... The whole thing must be less than 10ft wide - and with a 15ft garden. If you're really determined to be detached, you'd be better off in a "park home".
  3. This has surely got to be the most excessively tarted up tiny studio ever: http://www.foxtons.co.uk/search?bedrooms_to=1&property_id=707153&search_form=keyword&search_type=SS&submit_type=search The developer's gone absolutely nuts. "The property comprises bright studio room with Lutron Grafik Eye system and stitched leather floor tiles, amazing open-plan kitchen that slides open to form a breakfast bar, mezzanine with customized Tempur mattress and fantastic shower room with Zucchetti fittings" It's 9'6" by 7'9" !!!! Oh and 190K but it is in South Kensington ... What's the point of those stitched leather floor tiles when you can't fit a second person in to show them off to ...
  4. File on 4 on radio 4 tonight - "Michael Robinson investigates the nasty surprises in the commercial property market". Some truly amazing drops in value e.g. a 7 acre industrial plot near to Heathrow, previously sold to investors at 17 Million, has just been bought by someone who's actually going to use it, for 6.5 Million. There also seems to been a major boom, and subsequent crash, in shopping centres. The banks don't want to have to repossess and crystallise their losses so they carry on supporting borrowers as long as possible hence "extend and pretend" ... I tried to post myself but mine hasn't shown up ...
  5. Has just finished - look out for it on iPlayer "Michael Robinson investigates the nasty surprises in the commercial property market" Reckons the banks are in denial about the size of their losses, and that the government will end up having to throw even more money at them ...
  6. That house is hilarious. The range cooker and belfast sink are so totally out of keeping with a modern terrace.. and is that a hot tub at the end of the garden?
  7. An excellent example. That kitchen looks completely unusable, more what you'd expect in a tiny studio flat. That older terrace has a cellar - I've always wanted one.
  8. Here's one where pretty much the whole kitchen is filled by the bed. Still it's somewhere to stack your dirty pots. £200K.
  9. And another - not for the claustrophobic this one. The "studio room" would be the boxroom in most decent size houses. However at least you have the status of living in Hampstead
  10. This looks worse: 165K Studio Look at the final picture to see the true horror of the "kitchen". And that door leading off it is the bog, just hope no-one does a smelly one whilst you're cooking. I notice the estate agents now frequently cite a separate kitchen as a feature, as in "benefits from a separate kitchen".
  11. Nice article here: California Budget 101: Making Sense of the State's Financial Meltdown It makes the point that the problem is that the state's income is very variable due to being heavily dependent on the taxes raised from the rich.
  12. Still plenty left on rightmove for £120K for a 1-bed - still that is down from £130K. However one has just come on the market for £75K - link
  13. Funny you should say that... this one failed to sell at auction a few months ago.. I guess the main road would put a lot of people off, but then it is a toll house.
  14. Details here ... Best reduction I can see is 20% - lots of 10% and even some 3% - hardly worth including The real reductions are happening elsewhere ... still overpriced but getting into the right sort of territory, small flats in this area peaked at about £40-45K in the last boom.
  15. Just found that it's up for rent as well - this time with an interior shot They do say that it's the kitchen that really sells a property ...
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