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  1. sold that day, held on a little too long though, but got 16% profit, could have had 23% shares like this is just pure gambling, and i never gamble what i cant afford to laugh at if i lose.. so was not a lot at all
  2. they stopped calling me, because i always said prices are too high
  3. great news , great plan, got to work, cant see anything going wrong with this, nothing like the other plans,
  4. they do have a point if the bosses at the bank knew that it was not in good shape. but i always thought with shares they can go down too, and some in my case went to 0.. but a share that was £20 then went to 14p must be heartbreaking for people investing anything
  5. more printing needed.. the world is going to be in recession forever,
  6. i am up 23% today ., nice punt, selling some point just keeping an eye on in, and will have heart attack too, remember the reason i stopped, buying /selling. gambling in shares
  7. will see how they do for the rest of the day, will probably be a sell later today, was not a large amount
  8. sorry to hear about your job TCON. mine also in IT is not looking too bad at the moment, but i would not like to say how it would be in 6 months, I would say a 50/50 chance in 6 months though,.
  9. BTL is not a good return on your money , you can have the place empty for months at a time, and also the hassle of any troublesome tenants. only good if you are getting at least 10% return,
  10. yes they should, they got it so wrong, just like they are going to get the uk one so wrong too
  11. in the north, there are 1000's of houses now under 10k , and many under 20k that are livable, all things like this start in the north. not sure where you are, but it will be coming to you,
  12. i have too thought this for many years, but they always say things like this start in the north, and i never thought we would see the days of houses going for under 10k again, but in the north there are 1000's now, some even already livable for under 20k, it will be coming down your way soon, by this time we will see houses for 2k not long to go i suspect
  13. well done in updating graph, but i think we will see 25% this time next year, that is only about 2% per year, i think we will see some 5% falls in some months
  14. talking to a family member at the weekend, who put an offer in of 115k on a house about a year ago, house was priced at 140k was way over priced, i thought 115k was too much, i bet them that it would not sell. (no money involved in bet) was reduced about 6 months later to 120k, and today doing my usual rightmove addiction looking 20 times a day, it is on for 95k !!!!.... Just going to call them and let them know, will tell him if he is still looking to offer 80k even at 95k it is looking over priced in todays falling market
  15. you will win, and whatever you bet , collect it with really good laugh too please,
  16. so it is just for new customers, wonder if they will do like some of the others and raise it for existing borrowers, this might be their next move
  17. good that they are again saying it on most of these programs now, there are going to be many people totally $h!tting themselves more so anyone with more BTL than they can afford to fund themselves
  18. i totally understand what you are saying,. but say after 5 years, and he is still saying. words like not yet and doubt it, he is starting to look a little bit silly, what if they keep the show on the road for another 10 or 20 years. which i think they will keep it on forever
  19. another BS story, as always they say this will happen, and as always nothing happens, again the words not yet and doubt it, why write about it, they have been saying QE will make this and that happen, well again he writes "not yet" "have to wait a little longer", maybe he means forever they obviously know what they are doing, because this over the edge and hyper inflation, just aint happening, is it, or do we have to wait a little longer.
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