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  1. the band Rush their album 2112 was also influenced by Ayn Rand, i know the drummer Neil Peart is a Huge fan, also one of the best albums made, top band too
  2. TBH most people i know have cut back on everything, i know i do not go out anywhere near the amount of times i used to, maybe just once per month now.
  3. exactly right there mate. i knew a woman in her late 20's many years ago, and she lived in a council house with her mother and grandmother, never worked in her life, none of them ever did. the grandmother died, and the two of them stayed in the 3 bedroomed house, i heard that the mother died a couple of years ago and the woman i knew is still in this 3 bed house alone. she should have been moved IMO.
  4. i have not seen any cuts in public sector jobs, none at all, i was hoping for mass unemployment and an excellent HPC
  5. even the libs do not want to say house price are too high, they never say this and nobody ever says this to them, i agree they want house prices to remain high and will do anything to keep them high :angry:
  6. changed my mind, Merv is a really nice honest bloke, everyone agree?
  7. god i hope not, we will be in a right bigger mess then
  8. i have told my son not to go to university, coming out with massive debt is just crazy now
  9. is w4nk3r phil on too ? wonder if he comes out with any classics such as "a nice little earner" when the guys flat was worth less than he paid for it and the rent he was getting did not cover the mortgage.. and phil called it "a nice little earner", still gets to me that,
  10. things like this trying to keep house prices high really P*** me off. i am thinking of saving as much as i can and getting out of this place. never thought i would say such things about my own country but is it s a sh** hole
  11. i think even small rises would cause carnage to many people. i think too many are up to their neck in debt and would not take much to drown them. but this is what we need so we can start again. the problem is they know this and are trying to stop it from happening,
  12. it would put the Uk under pressure to do it if they did put IR up, i cant see them doing it though, i wish they would i would love 10% on savings..
  13. that is the worst thing you could call anyone, i cant even say the word out loud
  14. just take a look on rightmove at northern towns, (burnley , preston, middlesborough, county durham, blackpool,) there are houses ok some not in too desirable areas that are now going for well under 30k even under 20k in burnley where at the peak would have been 50-60k, once these start going for under 10k we know it is well underway
  15. after seeing the Roy Harper one i thought i would, almost did it a couple of hours ago,, anyway to the point i am here watching the lovely crash happening, really happening in the north people
  16. "You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead" Stan Laurel
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