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  1. excellent TTRTR you are so right, they sound just like the average person to me too,
  2. Same thing is happening in the north west, house selling straight away and getting their asking prices...
  3. I have seen them too, Just don't know where the money is coming from , must all end in tears, and soon
  4. it is true, and i hope there is a big crash , and you won't be far away from the bottom rung
  5. i am a bear here, i am just making the point that i have been saying/hoping/thinking it for two years, and two years later houses are still rising and selling fast, i just can't understand it. hope the crash does happen
  6. not an EA , but i do have a friend whos dad is, and he told me two years ago that things would get bad, is he wrong too? i am hoping for a crash really
  7. Everything i see in the north west is going up and up, and selling fast too. all very depressing
  8. Can't see a crash happening at all now, hope I am wrong though as I really want it to happen. I have told too many people it will happen, and looking at it I have been saying it for 3 years. Things in the last few months have changed here in the north west Houses in the north west are selling, and selling for asking prices and selling quick. Not saying where I live but a couple bought the house down the road from me, nice house, they paid 120k for it about 2 years ago, but I bought mine 5 years ago for 45k They have now split up and the house was on sale, for 137k, I thought there would be no way they will get it, or it will be on for months at that price, but it sold straight away. I went passed my first house that I sold for 27k about 5 years ago, and saw that next door was for sale for 92k I could not believe it. Has not sold yet so I will be looking with interest. Also a street where my mam lives council estate where houses where 15-25k at the most 5 years ago. House across the road for sale done out nice, shat area though, was talking to the owners 2 weeks ago and they were saying that they are putting it on for sale for 84k, was laughing to myself, thinking no way. Who the hell would live here in this area full of druggies, criminals, and pay that sort of money for it. I told my mam and said that they will not sell it is too high, people will not want to live here, it will still be for sale in 6 months Went around yesterday sold sign, said they got their full money, Remember this is a poor area and people do not earn 25k people earn 12-15k, What is going on is this the trend now, because it has changed in the last couple of months. I was hoping for an almighty crash and was hoping for at least 50% And sick of thicko people telling me I was wrong and there will be no crash, that they can only go up, all the usual b0ll0cks, we all hear, but now I am thinking they might be right, and TTRTR is right all the long. Never thought it would get to this AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  9. Would be nice for it to happen, but this government don't care anymore, and i am not sure it would do any good. I too am not so sure about the house price crash anymore. people here NW are still buying, but i hope is does happen. RFD good lyrics, gary moore should do a new version, no phil though
  10. Too right mate well said, Just hate it when people come on here and rubbish people that are on minimum wage, and think they should not be able to own their own home. I know people that are, and they do work hard. Harder than me in most cases. Again i am not on minimum wage but no way would i buy again in this housing market state
  11. in 2000, you could buy a big 3 bed house in a good area in the NW for about 65k, for 80-100k you could buy a fantastic place, then people on min wage could buy a good house for 65k and still live ok , the tosser who said "they should work harder" well maybe they do work hard, they might not be as bright or in general as rich as you, or have family to provide for them (give them money ) or might not be able to do top job as you tosser, but that is not the point, the point being is they should be able to afford a house is two people are working, even if on minimum wage. by the way I am not on minimum wage and would still struggle to buy a good house in this day.
  12. Depends on where they live, here in the NW they could have got a good house in a good area for 65k (i know) but not now, they are priced out of the market.
  13. I would not pay them any more money, and burn their house and flat to the ground, if they have not got any insurance of course, sound quite sensible?? No, depends how nuch deposit you have got with them , but i would not pay anything more in case you don't get it back, Then burn it to the ground.
  14. To be honest i am thinking along the same lines now, prices here NW are still so stupid, 3 times overvalued, but still selling, and people paying stupid money. I hope for a big crash, but think it will be a slow drop over 7 years, hope i am wrong though
  15. The last property boom did include the north, and they really dropped here (NW), but is was one of the last places to drop. was a good year when the south started before the north started, the price up north are coming down a little, but still remaining too high. I hope it starts to go soon, and it comes crashing down..
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