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  1. exactly no matter who it is i would never have a joint account, have done it before with a credit card was very very small limit but i had to pay it off a few times, before closing it down finally.
  2. it is win win, at least house prices are going up., this is all that matters,
  3. can anyone explain what they are going to do? just print until everyones debt has gone? time to buy houses then
  4. great news, i like it when people are starting to get it that prices have to come down, or are coming down, and i like this bit too, "but they see little chance of them going up."
  5. they should be sacked, they are all lying scum , i though EA were bad, but these are the worst, do you think this will lead to sacking or asked to hand the money back ??
  6. everyone i know prefers paper and books, and magazines, i do too, but now very rarely buy any, to think i used to subscribe to about 5 mags a few years ago
  7. same as me i intended to buy around 2004 but decided to wait as i could not see how house prices would go any higher. quite a big mistake that i very much regret, but can't do anything about it,
  8. going back to the OP do we think a soft landing has happened
  9. very true, i think we need another. they are a bunch of w4nk3r$ all of them
  10. a few more rounds of QE will sort them out, i dont think the government will let banks go under after all this time, RBS should have a long time ago,
  11. a few more rounds of QE will sort them out, i dont think the government will let banks go under after all this time, RBS should have a long time ago,
  12. another amazing price, i think they are getting higher at the moment, at least asking prices are,
  13. being honest this country disgusts me, i am saving as muchas i can for the next couple of years then i am getting out, that $h!tty house there for 650k that is over 25x my salary,
  14. I am not the person in my house who does any of this aprt from filling the car up, but i hear plenty of people going on about it all,
  15. i do think that a soft landing has been achieved in the housing market, all the other countries have had their HPC i think that houses will look affordable in about 10 years, sadly this is all too late for many people, the government have done their best to screw a generation of people out of a normal life.
  16. on sky news now, going to have to do some QE to control it..??
  17. talking to a mate who lives in italy he said that the car market has completely fallen, he said no one at all is buying.
  18. strange this i was thinking about buyng a future classic car and waiting for about 10 years before selling, when cars get to a a certain age they alwsy become more expensive, i would say Elans,XJS, XKE, cars like this will be future classics,
  19. i always offer 20% min, and if i get accepted i then say no, i would start at 20%
  20. you are right they are not sustainable but they keep on doing it, just wondering how this mess will eventually end,
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