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  1. main reason is there are too many foreigners now, i agree
  2. there is no way this would happen, or our government to agree to this nonsense,
  3. but really this is not short term can kicking they are still doing it, and could be doing it for a long time this is where my anger is, what if they do it for another 10 years, a lot of people will have had their lives ruined by this, it hasbeen going on for long enough now
  4. i feel your pain TCON i say the same things to myself almost everyday now, i am well and truely sick of it all too.
  5. i agree no way are they doing well financially it is impossible really, even up north i dont know anywhere selling under £2 per pint unless it is working mens clubs. or the big chains like witherspoons,
  6. and the share price is rocketing up. up 4% today, dont understand share prices when this happens massive loss share price up
  7. everything is getting more expensive, it is going to be bad if it keeps up at this rate
  8. i thought he sounded like he already had an IO mortgage and was trying to convince himself it was a good idea, i am sure he and his boyfriend bought about the peak so he might be secretly shitting himself, i used to think he was alright and good on programs now he just comes across as a bit of a tool
  9. oh well anything leading to a HPC is good news to me, suppose it all helps
  10. it is time they did, but they wont, and they never mention house prices are too high, always say everything else but the price is too high
  11. wow getting desperate, just hope it contiunes, like to keep updated on the edward mellor results TY
  12. was waiting for them to announce it again, dont think they will be able to stop now, imagine though if they just gave every adult 5k each, that would really get things going, or would it?
  13. but seriously, it will be quite devastating if they were to close a UK factory
  14. sorry if already posted does not say anything about the UK on the link but on sky itself it said they won't say if any UK plants will be closed in the cuts.. this could be severe if it happens here http://news.sky.com/story/1001953/ford-closes-factory-causing-4300-job-losses
  15. there was a program or film with this scene where the husband pretended to go to work , i think it was "boys from the black stuff" probably not though
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