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  1. this is my fear to be honest, "There will be no crash. A slow bleed over the next 10 years, with prices only being eroded by inflation " and has been for the last couple of years, i keep thinking a crash will be around the corner, but always something stops it,
  2. i thought it was over 15k , i know my mate said he was paying his back, and i know he earns under 20k he told me, will this mean he will stop paying it until he gets over 21k ?
  3. yes yes yes, we are the real victims :angry:
  4. this is what i was hoping for, and you make so much sense Monkey, hope you are right,
  5. i hope this is not the next miss selling scandal where people can claim everything back for being foolish, just never going to end if people can now start claiming it all back.,
  6. wonder what will happen to Greece in the end, because all this is not working, and never will, IMO they should go back to their own currency, i fact i cant see any other way. unless germany want control of the country, and take control of Europe. a bit Hitlerish
  7. the US has had their HPC we have not yet although house prices are falling
  8. on the radio yesterday was only short, but said how fecked France were and they were going to be in trouble,
  9. over 50% of the murders are black teenagers, and they are only about 4% of the population, fact, but if you say anthing you are branded a racist, usually,
  10. it is a very good idea, house prices really need to fall 50% from where they are now, and it would be better if it happened 10% per month,
  11. not just in london, i know a few foreign families that club club together to buy other members of family houses, Imagine the if the HPC family clubed together with a BTL empire, would be amazing, we could take over the UK, i will head the northern division if you want.
  12. this is my hope too, i would love to hear the people talking about house prices if/when it happens
  13. it is grim down south, up north looks like we are having reasonable falls, lets hope they get bigger and bigger and down south too
  14. and probably put it on the map and street view,
  15. all good news, 1.7 YOY falls at least it is heading in the right direction,
  16. i would love another recession, the last 2 did nothing for me to be able to buy a decent house, if it takes another one to make it happen then bring it on, or we will just be in recession forever is the more likely scenario
  17. i agree here with you , like the OP i am sick od it all feel like giving up,
  18. just getting worse this country, like The count of nowheres thread i am sick of it all, feel like giving up
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