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  1. no me too, none at all, i keep hearing about them going to happen locally and nationally, but yet to see one yet or know of one,
  2. sack as many as they want dont think it will work, does anyone actually know of any public sector workers losing their jobs? in these so called cuts , i don't
  3. don't work for me, says a 50k house in 2002 is worth 104k now, about 35-40% too much for me to be interested
  4. it has been like this for a long time, but nothing seems to push it over the edge , maybe it will , and havea dramatic effect on house prices,
  5. i know what you are saying mate i did say "i see reasonable reductions in the north of uk" which i do, but these are really bad areas, and anything that is a good area where you would want to bring kids up and not live in fear of drug addicts and crime, these houses are still holding their price, and selling ok slower and at 50% sales volume, but there is no massive reductions in good family areas, this is what i was saying, as for N Ireland i agree they have had their crash , but it is different we have not had it here on the same scale no where near, you say about Wales, all i hear about wales on here is how they are still asking 300k for normal houses in swansea, ask the people from wales who post here, we need 50% fall in house prices, and as i said nothing more i would love, but i just dont see it YET let all hope though still
  6. the thing is Eric, I too have been saying this for years and years, house price still need to fall 50% but the thing is they ain't and if i am being honest to myself it does not look like they will, i still live in hope though
  7. he is saying "Housing minister Mark Prisk: Coalition had inherited a 'dysfunctional housing market." but thinking "there is nothing we are going to do about it, we will do all in our power to keep house prices as high as possible, a fall in house prices would not benefit anyone "
  8. nothing more i would love then a HPC here Eric, hence why i have been here for 7 years, but as the sub title says for the 800,000 new houses per year, Although i see reasonable reductions in the north of uk, these are the worst areas that no-one would want to live in let alone buy, good houses are still keeping high prices. Everything point that we need a HPC here in the UK but for some reason there is always something stopping it, and then people say after this it will happen, but sadly never does, i would love to wake up one day and hear on the news house price falling 5% or 10% this month, like they did in spain or USA
  9. if it will mean a reduction in house prices, they can put VAT to 30% for me i will find other ways of saving the difference
  10. this is the same for me, wont make any difference what i vote
  11. depends how you define millionaire, someone who has a million in assets or million in the bank, if so two of my friends are millionaires, but they aint paid for their houses though and this would be aprt of their assets to make them the mill
  12. yeah but most of us want to see a fast quick HPC Rather like predicting to get to 600 runs when you are 400-1, but along comes Geoff Boycott to the crease and will take him 6 years to score the 200 saying that though i am a big fan of Geoffrey
  13. would be nice if we got a 50% crash like usa, and it would be good for everyone in the long run, but the government are intent on keeping them as high as possible, they are coming down up north but it is not a crash, more like it aill be a few % per year for 10 years, hope i am wrong though
  14. i totally believe this, a friend of mine told me he cant sell his house because he owes more then he would get for it now, he bought it for 30k not sure when but was many years ago, and siad his mortgage now through MEW is now about 140k he thinks the house is worth about 130k but i know for sure one a few doors down sold for 118k and it is much better than his
  15. my friends parents left him and his brother their house in spain, they paid 150k for it, not sure when they bought it, but they wanted a quick sale and got 60k
  16. do they promise not to knock it down in a few years, i think all the bad things about spain knocking down innocent peoples houses have put people off buying there
  17. dont think it would be allowed today, more to the point wonder if it worked let you know i am sending for it now
  18. i think i will start some viewing next year, will see how things are in february
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