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  1. He has been saying it for 10 years, still i hope he is right though, last i heard he bought a house,
  2. you not think it is a good idea, do you like the fact that they produce kids and watch them starve? personally i would think this would have to be the first thing they stopped. i only had one child because i knew i could not afford to have more. and yes king of the world sounds great. i would star with a HPC
  3. cut down the amount of children they have would be a good move to start with
  4. shame all these lovely falls in house prices don't happen here, maybe there is still hope here,
  5. i think house price will go to 2001 levels , just how long it takes is another matter could take 10 years, this is where my problem lies
  6. to be honest i thought there would be nothing they could do to stop a HPC this was about 2008 when prices started falling, i thought by 2012 would have been able to buy and a HPC would have happened, it has still not really happened, so unless it starts now and we have IR back to 5% soon then realistically think it will be a few % falls per year for 10 years. i cant wait that long as i am too old.
  7. it is true people dont have the chances now, how many people have put their lives on hold to hope to buy a house, quite a few i know have, really is shocking what has happened to people in this country,
  8. with friends yesterday and most agreed that prices were still too high, but most thought the governement will not let them crash, most thought it would be a 3-5% fall per year for a few years and that is was still better to buy than rent,
  9. Merry Christmas to all and lovely HPC for the new year
  10. landlords can get the money paid direct to them, if the tenant is in arrears over 8 weeks
  11. i will have to tell my tenants to say this when i start my BTL empire
  12. landlords can get the rent from housing benefit paid directly to them if the tenant get behind by 8 weeks
  13. is this a joke ??? i hope it is , i was looking forward to seeing the idle suffer, this country is ******
  14. most of my friends have BTL, most with only a couple of houses, and who bought about 2005. the ones with just 1 or 2 or 3 houses are doing just fine, but another with about 18 houses (bought about 2002 so not anywhere near NE) is always saying he is p!$t off with it and wishes he never went to far and got so many , as another poster said it is the greed that gets to them, but the ones with just 1 or 2 houses and IMO sitting pretty and was an excellent investment,
  15. BOE to do more QE (not sure how much) making shares rise to give the feeling of some of the people getting richer, IR to stay the same throughout the whole year, (possible rise in 2014) house prices to to fall 2-5% (same for 2014) what i would love to happen.... IR to rise 1% every month for the whole of 2013 house price to fall 50%
  16. in a year nothing much changed, prices have fallen a little, but not what i was expecting or wanted , who is giving it another year?
  17. sadly this is all i can see, think it will be decision time for the future in a few months time,
  18. i don't see how you can add 3% of inflation to it to make a fall, if they are up 1% (i don't believe it) then to me they are up one % i did not make 2% extra in earnings, as another poster said, same old same old
  19. good luck with buying sour mash, i too will be looking to buy next year, or moving out of the country, time has just run out for me, so next year is my last year,
  20. i too cant wait to see big falls, would love to see it get to 5% a month
  21. nothing much changes, been saying it for years now but next year is my last year before i buy,
  22. nice video here apologies if it has already been posted, very bearish Mark Dampier is great at about 12 min , says it spot on, all of it is a good watch though
  23. well done mate, you still going to canaries, i am thinking of this too, starting to get severely p!$$3d off here
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