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  1. If I am right believing that the problems we are seeing are due to people losing confidence in the paper/fiat/computer debt based money system as a long term store of time and effort. Making people less confident in it by writing it off will not help. I believe we could be seeing the end of the fiat system. It is not going to be pretty.
  2. I agree somewhat but also believe you are being just as silly as all the other posters by using the words inflation and deflation without qualifying what is inflating and deflating. Its like saying we have "up" instead of "the balloon will go up". Debt has inflated. Credit has inflated. The price of Oil in $ has inflated and now deflated somewhat. House prices in £ have inflated and now deflating. Use of the word inflation on this site has increased. I suspect our standard of living is deflating. This site has so many arguments about inflation and deflation caused solely by it not being qualified as to what is inflating/deflating.
  3. A complete guess would be - To maintain the status quo. The ID card implementation has a long-term game feel about it. More intriguing than "what is the point" is who is behind it?
  4. Could be right but its not the full story. I base my view on that UK standard of living lowering started before NuLabour came to power, so probably engineered by a more central/global entity. (I am not saying the illuminati or NWO madness etc). I agree, Gordon is and will give away the store so as to stay in power, but at the same time lowering UK standard of living too. Globalisation balance has to be achieved one way or another. To think there is no plan for a orderly rebalancing of living standards by the various powers that be, is naive.
  5. I adore this post. Totally correct IMO. Increasing house prices in this country was hurtling towards a head on collision with globalisation. One of them had to fail. I believe the UK and USA boom and bust was engineered to lower their standard of living in a controlled way. The government can continue to create non-jobs and benefit dependents for only as long as sterling remains strong. Real county standard of living rebalance will ensue once sterling falls – Which I think it will as Gordon seems to be a world socialist.
  6. If you like. Will they swing in the breeze much?
  7. Oooo that would be Central bankers and Nulabour. Maybe a small sprinking of bank policy setters.
  8. It is on at BBC1 18:05 tonight. You did not say "Aye" so I take it you are some sort of banker lover.
  9. A public works program will only use more resources. Why on earth is that a good idea? Assuming I am wrong and it really is a good idea then I think we should build gallows to hang the bankers on outside every bank. All those in favour say “Aye”.
  10. I was being serious. You have to give me a good motive too. Why ID cards?
  11. I have noticed they are playing a very long game too. Who and why? It is obvious now that there is a hidden hand behind the puppet. Very scary.
  12. The broken banks signalled a "rules change". Borrowing over the cycle, inflation targets and CPI are meaningless now. Major change is ensuing. The point of them was always to stay in power. Why would they give it up now?
  13. I realised a long time ago that they were deliberately acting against my interests. If it does not create a bull rally then I am fairly sure they will try something else until it does. Look at it from their point of view. Either they get everything going good or they die.
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