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  1. My semi with a garage in Co. Armagh was bought by the previous owner for £227k in 2007, I bought it as a repo in 2011 for a lot, lot less - sub £90k.
  2. Signs of hope apparantly - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-17982513 What hope are they talking about? Hope that people will realise that houses will sell if they aren't completely overpriced?!
  3. I have a diesel Mondeo myself and I am putting about £70 a week through it for the bare bones commuting during the week (about 142.9ppl). Luckily my fiancée works not too far from me so essentially the costs are split but even still, the total cost of fuel isn't far behind the mortgage payment at the end of the month.
  4. Haha, surely they would have been safer leaving the internal photos out of it?! How would anyone view it and not be put off? The house I recently bought was also a repo but it was immaculate - the only thing that needed replaced was a ceiling rose, a light switch and the washing machine in the garage.
  5. I completed last month as a buyer and my solicitor fees were £500 + VAT (excluding Land Registry and EJO searches) in the Co. Armagh area if that acts as any sort of level to aim at.
  6. Congrats on your new home! I'm a recent blow in to the site but have been lurking for a while and soaking up the valuable information so I would also like to be appreciative of the very sound and sensible comments here. Yes I got my keys on Friday and have been attempting to get things in place to get moved in however a combination of work Xmas party, subsequent hangover, unrelated illness, replacement spring and bearings on the car, burst pipe in the new house and as yet not completely working heat have made things move a bit slowly! Hopefully I have used up all of my bad luck for now this w
  7. Yes it's a repossession in the Co. Armagh area, other houses in the same development are currently priced about 20% higher. I'm all too aware of last minute failings however discussions with the EA suggest that there isn't any other interest but if there was I would doubt that they or the receiving company would want to scupper the sale by entertaining another bid at this late stage (mortgage is approved, deposit is with solicitor etc). Maybe they will and I am just being naive but I am cautiously hopeful that all goes through without issue.
  8. Did you move forward with this after all then? I'm about a week away from completion all being well on my own house and seeing the previous land registry values would bring a tear to your eye. Original price from 2002 - 28% less than the price I am paying Transaction in 2005 - 26% more than the price I am paying Final transaction in 2007 - 61% more than the price I am paying
  9. I quite liked this line: Being from the area and having a look at what is about, £48k certainly isn't jaw-dropping in the majority of cases!
  10. I can't find the Q3 reports although the BBC are reporting on them: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-15757929 Improvement seems to be the buzzword. I think that what we can extrapolate from this is that houses will sell as and when they become affordable. Transactions are slightly up on last quarter by 71 (about 6%?) and annual decline is 7.5% - is this compared to Q3 in 2010?
  11. I'm in a similar position to yourself, FTB hoping to complete on a repossession in the next couple of weeks (offer has been accepted and its now with the powers that be). I was in no real rush and probably could have waited it out to get this house or another at a lower price but I was happy with the entire package considering the price (below RV), location (good semi-rural only a couple of miles from where I am now) and standard of the house (relatively modern build and well finished). I'm also the sole purchaser but a slightly lower income multiple than yourself at about 3-3.5x (depending o
  12. After going on the open market it is now back in the auction scene: http://www.gumtree.com/p/flats-houses/45-beech-meadows-warringstown--4-bed-detached--brg-gibson-auctions/90993761 Fantastic house for the money though, big rooms and just some light redecoration required. I went to view it but it turns out there is a problem with the road bounds due to it being part of an incomplete development where the owner went bust (I think the development is currently advertising through Osbourne King).
  13. I don't know the age but it's a relatively mature site (10+ years at a guess). It's a corporate sale so despite having my offer accepted, I'm wary of being outbid hence why I am stressing a bit. I am trying to get things pushed through ASAP but I will just have to wait for the antiquated system (IMO) to move it's gears.
  14. Well I don't know about the hair loss or the short term memory loss (as it wasn't great in the first place!) but my sex drive is still there! I'm only 1 week into my house buying experience and for being a FTB, it is a pretty big deal. I have been a lurker on here for quite a while and certainly would have been much worse off without all of the valuable information I have farmed from here but with regards to actually sealing the deal it is stressing me. I have found somewhere that is an ideal price, location and condition so decided to make the leap
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