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  1. I just think it is beautiful that if as the Landlord declared he is having four houses repossessed because he was paying Interest only,and now they want the capital back. Wonder how many more are out there now in the exact same position.
  2. Cracking one now on Mumsnet. Sorry don’t know how to link. Under the title Mortgage Reposession on a house with a tenant. Can I just say feel terribly sorry for the actual tenant. The icing on the cake sounds like the scumlord is going to lose 4 properties.
  3. That is tricky.The only one I know of is Universal Credit but you will not receive any if you have savings of more than £16 000.
  4. If this is true,then I suspect she is in the shit. Renting a wonderful home in the country sounds pricey. Based on LHA single no children over 25 she will get very approx 150 to 250 per week money towards rent. Bet her rent is nearer the 2 grand mark. She has no choice but to find something else much cheaper. The only other UC she will get is about 400 personal allowance.
  5. Landlords know they can get round this anyway,they don’t have to give any reason application denied.Bit like when you go for a job interview
  6. When switching to Universal Credit on the self employed front there is a minimum income floor that has to be reached after a year.If you earn under it benefits will be adjusted accordingly as if you did earn that amount.Not such an easy ride on UC
  7. Well I am in the South and unfortunately before this even kicked off,ie up to last year,the jobs market is becoming very limited. Did a stint at one of the three big Yodel centres.90 to 95 percent staffed by people from the EE Also went for an interview at Ocado warehouse,again similar staffing levels percentage wise I presume.I was the only one out of 15 who was not EE.
  8. Not sure anything will work now. For years it has been working up to this final blowout. Feel like I am just watching this from above. If it don’t benefit the rich it won’t be done.
  9. Well no matter what it says in the contract you can say no to viewings as it interferes with quiet enjoyment. Up to 3 times deposit back for not protecting it. Rents are falling have a look round,do it at your leisure and timetable. Good luck
  10. Oh that’s my old city,where I was born and spent the first 24 years of my life. Must admit not many of the shops in there seemed to do all that well,compared to the Main Street where the clock is.
  11. M u m s n e t absolutely loses their shit
  12. Aren’t there some bitter bitches on that thread. Calling people who want a decrease in prices selfish. Somenerve I salute you.
  13. Yikes I so believe this,and yet whenever anyone mentions One World Government,New World Order everyone screams conspiracy theory.
  14. Yes but if you are not working you get benefit capped so you will get bugger all else
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