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  1. Owned my own home since aged 18,ok mortgaged,and mortgage paid off at 38. As much if not more than any of you I can see the cost of housing has crippled so much in the way of life. Its been this way for at least 20 years.
  2. I guarantee a better idea would be to automatically pay every adult something like £1000.But that’s your lot,no extra for children.Those that breed for benefits and housing,once they get that money in their hands are very unlikely to spend it on having kids.
  3. I have to say she seems like a pain in the **** piss taker
  4. Don’t forget the 2 child limit for benefits came in 6/4/2017. If you want anymore than 2,you pay for it yourself.
  5. Ha ha ha nice people really.You have not read enough threads
  6. Perhaps this will be news to them as I bet the seller told all involved that he is in the mistaken belief all is well and you are leaving.Added to which the viewers could be under the mistaken belief you are the seller and not the tenant,as I can’t believe someone can be so crazy to even view with tenants in.Some landlords want their cake and eat it and try to sell before tenant has left to screw the last bit of money out of the tenant.
  7. Do they know you don’t have to move out yet
  8. Unfortunately it has been for many years the scammers that get it,be it housing whatever.Married and working or single and working and not broken the law.Sorry piss off no social hosing for you.Single mother 4 kids,never worked,only in the papers for glassing someone in a pub,step right this way,here are your keys to this brand new social housing property.
  9. Had to put the 2nd category for first question.None apply,house owned mortgage paid off. Been on here since 2007,can see long before then how high house prices have ******ed over everything else.
  10. And yes,two places later and the mortgage was paid off on the home I am in over 15 years ago.But even I can see what an utter shambles this hpi has been to this country. It has sucked the life blood out.
  11. Because most know that under those conditions there would not be a snowball in hells chance of getting social housing. There lies the problem.Thirty years ago housing was affordable.They would not even have thought of approaching the council as they would go straight to buy. I bought at the age of 18 with an ex.I was first grade council office employee married to a postman.1983 to be precise. Try that now and a Doctor married to a solicitor would find it tough.People in my circumstances as were back then,not a bloody chance.
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