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  1. Of course shops are shutting. So much money pumped into housing,wages down,other bills up. You can’t spend what you have not got.
  2. Unfortunately the benefit entitled culture is so ingrained in this country it is going to take quite a few years to get that idea out of people’s minds.I do believe it has started though. It used to be have a kid,get a house.People are now shocked that they are ending up in bedsits or a B and B or having to move away. The introduction of tax credits really ramped up the entitlement though,and two child limit and Universal Credit is really proving to be a shock to the system.
  3. Since April 2017 benefits only pay for two children.Have a third and you get £20 child benefit only. The move over to Universal Credit is certainly turning the screw. Have a look at the Facebook group Universal Credit Survival. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  4. The change over to Universal Credit from all the other benefits seems to be paying out less,and you need to do more for the benefit.Gone are the days of churning out kid after kid and higher benefits.By age 3 of child you need to be looking for work or keep having to go for meetings.This pot and that pot of money you could access in the past are no longer,and you will be directed to food banks.Bills like water Council tax etc that might have remain unpaid can now be taken direct from Universal Credit.The amount you will get is variable month to month not automatically paid like the old benefits.Sickness benefits are harder to obtain. I am not saying any of this is wrong,benefits have been too generous in the past,but a large section of the population has less spending money now and has to prioritise bills.
  5. It won’t be stand alone. It will be when the rest of the economy goes dodgy. There is a general air of less money about, just takes a few big shocks.
  6. Think this is starting to happen now.Two child limit,moving over to Universal Credit from Tax Credits and no sitting at home till whenever.Once child hits three,out to work you go.
  7. Oh I doubt she will get enough in benefits to keep the ball rolling if she does give up work. It will be work more or sell the btl.She can’t be the only single mother with a btl. I know she hates working and at being in her 50’s has not got a pension,think the house will go.
  8. I think the btl has no mortgage on,just her own home.She is looking to stop working as well not work more.She is coming to the conclusion that she will need to sell the btl.
  9. I know of someone,single mother has her own house and a buy to let.She is absolutely doing her nut about universal credit coming in.She works part time sort of as and when.She obviously now gets tax credits but when her area goes to universal credit she will get nowt as she owns a second house.
  10. Hush I say.You do realise that on Mumsnet you would get called out for that and called racist.What about all the Doctors etc they would cry,where would I be then. I only said going to the hospital was a whole day jobby as they have closed the nearest one and immigration has put a hugh strain on the next hospital.My post was deleted and my views were called vile. ****** em I say self righteous virtue signalling little bitches.
  11. Yeah,luckily only needed to travel by ambulance to the nearest hospital in Stevenage after midnight when the roads are quite. Anyone travelling up the A1 by ambulance in the day when the road is major busy,well dead people don’t complain. Spent nearly one hundred pounds by taxi there and back to get daughter to Stevenage hospital New Years Day. Stevenage hospital is really overran as well now.
  12. Yup,I am surprised The Welwyn Garden City society have not been more vocal,judging by the age of them though I think many of them must’ve died off.
  13. Ah yes know the area very well.Bought house backing onto Broadwater road.Loads of industry,Shredded Wheat and big pharma on the road,also Bio Park.Tesco bought the old Shredded Wheat but left the land empty when they couldn’t get planning.They wanted to make the Broadwater Road A1000 4 lanes.Company that have now bought the old Shredded Wheat want to build 1600 flat in blocks,one being 5 storeys.The old pharma been housing for a few years and The Bio park is now closing and looking to go for housing.The Gosling Sports Park,they are running into the ground,talks of the ski slope and front building of Gosling closing.More housing anyone. Yes lol at Knella Road indeed.
  14. Yes I like where I live.Been here over 25 years. Alledged Garden City,although that is debatable with the shit ton of housing they are going to be putting up in the local area. Hospital was closed a few years ago,so only a walk in centre where they redirect you to the nearest hospital miles away. Schools,doctors roads all rammed before all this housing so this should be interesting. Never known so many houses broken into,stuff nicked out of cars,general theft in the last year compared to the last 25. Town centre losing more and more shops.Loads of charity shops,14 at last count,coffee shops,hairdressers etc. Mortgage paid off but couldn’t possible afford to buy the house I am living in now at even half the price. About 25 mins from Kings Cross.Oh did I say that I have never known the trains so bad as they have been in the last year. Think what I am trying to say is things are changing rapidly for the worse,and I can see a time coming where I will sell up and piss off,especially if the knife/drugs crime that has reached here gets worse.
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