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  1. Additionally, there are huge numbers of law firms who are not on the mortgage panels for the Irish banks because they tend to require personal guarantees from the solicitors acting whilst being exceptionally difficult to deal with in even the most basic transactions. Consequently many brokers also put them to the back of the queue as not surprisingly they prefer to receive their commission at some point before the end of time.
  2. ^ its usually declared on the relevant transfer deed or assent (a document used where ownership of a property is simply passed to the beneficiaries of an estate).
  3. ^The EU and the ECHR are completely separate legal jurisdictions. The EU's position has tended to be that member states can offer what they like, so long as what is offered does not discriminate between the nationals of a country and workers resident in the country. The ECHR's position has not always been completely consistent but tends towards the view that countries may offer or restrict whatever they like.
  4. Not until the inherent distortions of the existing interventions have been removed, and there are roughly ten centuries of those to get through. Anything else simply allows the existing beneficiaries of government and crown interventions to entrench their advantage of the rest of us.
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