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  1. Any people want to invest their hard-earned in this market ?
  2. Except the central bank buys the gilt with new money. Everyone else has to use what's already in circulation. And, the only place to deposit this new money is a ..........
  3. No, it stays in the eurosystem. What actually happens is that the desire for holding GBP outweighs the desire to hold EUR - so the price between the two reflects that. I believe this agrees with observation.
  4. How can you control the quantity, value and interest rate paid to a currency base if you, as a central bank, do not have a marketable asset to sell into the market to remove that quantity of money from the system (the same money you created when you bought it). Spending new money without obtaining a stock of assets that you can sell to control the amount of this created money - and additionally income producing assets to pay an interest rate on this currency - debases the currency.
  5. Nothing about overproduction in the Far East and decimation of the price of labour. Big Fail.
  6. We had the first commercial maglev and decided it wasn't for us.
  7. Denningers take on it. http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=208410
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18779162 Well, not big enough to cause any macro damage but probably indicative of other stones that haven't yet been turned.
  9. Absolutely not. I think you would have to be dumb to sell a paid-for house in this environment.
  10. I thought you faced upwards on a guillotine?
  11. A enquiry is halfway between a question and an inquiry.
  12. They can inflate "their" debt away by increasing the cost of goods and the subsequent tax take. Means nothing for the private debt holder.
  13. Quoting a former employee of the BoE. Found one yet?
  14. This isn't a cyber attack. It will be people placed within the organization as cash tellers and the like.
  15. The banking system as a whole can't be short of cash given they have all of it. If everyone is impaired with dodgy assets as you suggest - impairments are frankly an operational irrelevance given no one bank is going to be pulling cash flow faster that the others. Would explain why Llyods needed to be turned from a good bank into a bank bank.
  16. It's nice that you use cash basis - most taxis firms and lemonade stands do. However, if you want to the describe the operation of a bank - which you have been - then you have to describe it terms of accrual accounting. Not one company of any size will use cash basis accounting.
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