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  1. The BOEN is not the Bank of England http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/8eb0df28bda1c5f049247391a49d853a/compdetails http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/8eb0df28bda1c5f049247391a49d853a/compdetails
  2. It's definitely a private company, incorporated by Royal Charter. The Treasury owns the stock.
  3. Depends on who is spending the $3m. If it's Bill Gates, then a lot of plumbers, builders, gardners et al. will be paying down their own debts or creating their own capital. The "broken window fallacy" is a fallacy.
  4. Profits get split half and half I think - that is to say the Bank retains half.
  5. You make it sound like the BoE is a hammer, and the owner gets to decide what nail to hit.
  6. It would be criminal. The bank cannot exceed the fiduciary issue limits set out by the Treasury and Parliament.
  7. Man, you're dumb. It's not about developing nuclear bombs. It's about developing the technology, which they clearly are.
  8. How much did nominal incomes rise during these "centuries" and how much has nominal income risen since 1900. Your 95% figure is a bit misleading.
  9. Police


    We don't need to build on the green belt - there are enough houses or brownfield to build new ones. How many people will be without a roof on their heads tonight?
  10. Please tell me you're not serious. It's valued at $650 because it's a pile of cash. It certainly isn't gold. "DYOR" - I think you'd better take your own advice.
  11. Yeah, and the moon landings were photoshopped too. https://www.google.com/search?num=10&hl=en&site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1440&bih=709&q=bluebell+woood&oq=bluebell+woood&gs_l=img.3...34791.39602.0.39825.
  12. Save us from MMTer's who don't understand how interest rates or bond markets work.
  13. I think price to income is a fairly reliable indicator - but not the purchase price - the total amount paid. So, tentatively, I agree. Having said that, its better for the interest rate to be high and the initial price to be low. It gives you the opportunity to clear early and interest rates are more likely to decline than increase. Having said that, there's so much money sloshing around what are the chances of interest rates rising significantly?
  14. Not really. They have bits of papers. Consumers are getting the wealth.
  15. Didn't Bruno Powroznik predict a crash after the games? I seem to remember he was spot on in a predication for the month of the financial crash - a year or two before. Still he did make lots of predictions.
  16. Sorry, you can't talk about restricting lending and then say the same amount of loans will be available. And you will still be paying for the pleasure of borrowing money - so another strawman.
  17. People borrow credit because they don't have any or enough. Positivemoney doesn't exactly address that little conundrum.
  18. Well, I don't think he was collared for not paying tax - but for not declaring. If you declare your tax and don't pay I would have thought they wouldn't be turning up with guns - just a removal van?
  19. It's okay. I know now that consolidate/pause means the red line doesn't go up or down for a while and beyond that you haven't got a fecking clue.
  20. You don't know what "consolidate" means outside of a graph do you? I can't find any links that refer to consolidation in the gold market but only referencing real people, their actions and their financial position. Maybe, you could oblige?
  21. It only requires a sentence. What is consolidate without referring to any graphs? What are buyers and sellers doing that constitutes "consolidation".
  22. Sorry, means nothing. The line on the chart of a representation of people buying and selling. What does consolidate mean?
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