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  1. Well yes, any government debt bought by a primary bank (central bank included) expands the money supply - buts that why I said "the public" and most public debt in the world is held by the public.
  2. Thanks for the non sequitur; completely irrelevant to the point that government indebting itself creates more money. Clearly, in the majority of cases it doesn't. Just like in the majority of cases, government paying back debt doesn't destroy money. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_public_debt You've chosen to pick one government. Care to comment on the rest?
  3. Except government debt bought by the public doesnt increase the money supply nor does paying off debt held by the same.
  4. So basically you have a gold fetish? Shouldn't you be on a different type of forum?
  5. Only being reported by the TFH websites. OF course they have greater reach than the news wire providers.
  6. Jeez man I hope you don't have much money invested. The banking system selling gold on aggregate decreases the amount of cash available to the economy. It's doesn't affect capitalization either way.
  7. Of course they didn't. "Chart boys" can only tell you what happened despite their protestations to the contrary.
  8. Freeing up liabilities, frees up capital - which is what needs replenishing. Cash is irrelevant.
  9. I don't believe the gold price of bread was very good in Zimbabwe.
  10. https://www.spendbitcoins.com/buy/ Just deposit money over the counter.
  11. Yeah, but with the pound were are freer than with the euro - which is something moron types like yourself cannot understand.
  12. Capital controls being put in place. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2013/mar/21/eurozone-crisis-cyprus-bailout-plan-b
  13. Well, it's a little more complicated than that. The banks have to match the maturities of what they owe, to what is owed. Having a 0% maturity on all of your deposits is not exactly healthy. It's called a maturity profile.
  14. The promissory notes are private property, and are traded as such.
  15. Deflation discourages borrowing and macroly speaking, more nominal borrowing is required to enable existing debt to retire. Any numpty knows that.
  16. Data - or are you just countering propaganda with propaganda?
  17. That still won't offer you a good rate of interest. Your interest is determined by past borrowing not future borrowing.
  18. You aren't a saver, you're a creditor. If your debtors are having problems so should you be.
  19. Get yourself one of these. Just a toyota 4wd with a kit for the roof.
  20. What utter tripe. Despite not having any 40 year bonds - most of the debt will have matured in the next 15 years. Are you suggesting that this sovereign nation default on its bonds and force restructuring on its creditors - both nation and international? What about all the obligations these creditors themselves have - how do they get paid? Yeah, good luck with that proposal in today's world and the pariah status that goes with it. I think Page 13 highlights Positively Stupid's real position - which I have not misrepresented, as it is there in black and white.
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