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  1. Ask for a wage reduction to $50 pounds per week - paid with a Brittania - face value $50.
  2. A State could fail - and it's existing currency could continue to be used. Why, if it has no value beyond coercion?
  3. If a paper currency had a precedent where it was used as money without taxation or State mandate - how would your theory explain it?
  4. Would it hold the same market value if it was abundant as copper? How much of the market value is therefore derived from it's intrinsic properties?
  5. Mmmm, I think an Italian might disagree with that definition. My understanding is that fiat is more "Let there be light" than "Give me your light".
  6. More money is created by the private sector that the banking system. Anyone can do it.
  7. http://www.marketwatch.com/video/asset/gold-and-the-dot-coms-comparing-the-bubbles-2011-09-20/AF6D7913-01E3-4172-A343-BF457899BE22
  8. He's more Guy Goma than Gordon Gecko. Trading from his Mum's spare room I reckon.
  9. The central bank decides on the aggregate level of reserves. Banks can't dictate it.
  10. RBS have just commenced the build on an Oracle ERP solution - a project of a few hundred million I believe and a fair few consultants - so these rates don't surprise me. What would surprise me is if you don't see your bank balance disappear a day after go live.
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