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  1. Bank credit has been made legal tender before - specifically during the depression. Will it be money enough for you if it happens again?
  2. Except if Bob Smith is the banking system then he gets the $100 back immediately, + interest.
  3. About five times in the last five years.
  4. You missed Ireland off the list. I was having a chat about G Pap with a colleague - who surprised me by saying that their sibling works at the Irish Central Bank and that they were printing new punts in September. I was surprised as this came from someone with no interest in politics or economics and was said very matter-of-factly.
  5. Whilst we are at it - can we have Londonderry back too.
  6. At least the BBC doesn't borrow. It may be immoral - but it's all bought and paid for each year.
  7. Lets not forget that its this very mechanism that keeps government in check.
  8. Only problem with the Germans leaving is that either the Bundesbank or the ECB is going to need recapitalisation. All the euro capital flows into Germany since the euro crisis begun haven't actually been paid for - with the Bundesbank still owed a whopping 400Billion in Target2 claims. If they leave - they're either going to need to extract foreign currency / gold from the ECB, or tap up the German taxpayer.
  9. I think you over estimate it. My guess is, certainly for the UK, it will become another Greenham Common scenario.
  10. No, thanks - it's of no interest to me and I don't enough time to establish the consummate fact. I prefer to be a lazybones on the couch - it's the only way to not be a lazy thinker.
  11. I can only established facts for the people I ask. Not much use to me in establishing the case for the population as a whole. I might gain some well informed ideas to that end. Facts, no.
  12. For the few people you asked. You haven't established any facts pertaining to all borrowers. Sorry, just saying.
  13. Did you ask this small sample if they had borrowed money from a bank?
  14. Polls aren't conclusive as Neil Kinnock can attest to. So, just an opinion then.
  15. What are the names of these people? Do you have their email addresses so I can get verification of your "facts"?
  16. Maybe you'd like to map incomes against that too?
  17. Place your rent on deposit at the local court. Tell the Landlord he can pick it up from there.
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