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  1. Technically the largest company in the world I believe - hold most of the worlds share, in trust?
  2. You exist and reside in a country and the taxation is on your activities. The incorporated personage of an off-shore company is not you..
  3. http://www.plus500.co.uk/Instruments/BTCUSD CFDs available for BTC now
  4. One thing I find confusing about BTC is what's to stop the same address being created twice by two different people - by chance?
  5. Not exactly true - only true of the value of government bonds held by primary banks.
  6. The central bank can only legally print money to a level designated by Parliament - the fiduciary issuance of about 65 Billion. The virtual money you describe is a promise to supply that money - an act I think could be argued as counterfeiting.
  7. EU milk quotas end next year so you're going to have cheese coming out of your ears soon.
  8. I tried ubuntu once - until it tried to upgrade itself. I never saw it again.
  9. Reading this thread couldn't help thinking "What a bunch of fantasists". Then I realized it's from 2008 !
  10. It won't affect their profits - so you'll still be paying.
  11. If I remember correctly, the deposit part of Northern Bank was completely solvent. Their only problem was re-financing their off-balance sheet loan book which was funded on the wholesale market. I don't know how you think these 'safe' banks would have faired okay if others were dumping onto the market similar assets to their own, for crazy-wacky prices
  12. You need to work on your sarcasm - I almost thought you believed what you were saying.
  13. If you had been following his posting over the last years you would realize that he IS probably an estate agent. "Masked" hey
  14. Yes it can if its in the contract. You don't half talk some rubbish.
  15. So, if Europe decides to devalue, Germany has to oblige? Nah, Europe = Germany.
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