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  1. It's good that these groups exist but a shame its retrospective - aren't solicitors supposed to point out the detail of the HTB rules? surely it would of been laid out in a contract for the buyer to read, just like a normal purchase where you would go through all the searches, covenants in the deeds etc to understand what you are getting into? Tons of information on HTB available on the internet. Buyer beware.
  2. Last time I looked, new builds had gone up in price nearly 30% more than older properties had. Trouble is , try telling the average young person who aspires to own a place that HTB is a bad thing.
  3. It might if the EU collapses, shrinks or ends up changing drastically. We're not talking about me, I'll worry about myself thanks, no need to de-rail. Telling the truth? There is no hell mate. It was a super emotional childish comment that had nothing constructive in it at all - If they are going to open their mouths in public, at least have some substance, fact, food for thought - he failed miserably. Silly insults don't hurt, facts might do though.
  4. You'd make good bedfellows, you don't like what I say, so start with the petty insults. The EU is not life itself, not the centre of the universe, and he really should think about that. The UK voted and it's not going to be exactly the way he wants it, tough shiite
  5. What a dork he is for coming out with a statement like that. These people are supposed to be our leaders yet they can't maintain professionalism or lead by example. He's lashing out because he's worrying about his own paypacket/pension/cosy existence - pathetic.
  6. Nothing new - in recent times Rolls Royce had a joint venture with BMW developing aero engines. I have various engineering drawings here with the 'BMW Rolls Royce' logo, this became 'Rolls Royce Deutschland' there may of been ownership for a period of time. 'Rolls Royce PLC' and Rolls Royce motorcars are separate entities IIRC.
  7. Says more about shitty parents and child abuse that it does about the cost of food. I look my child's school menu, huge choice, it borders on gluttony, and it's that way because a minority of parent don't give their children breakfast in the morning, and possibly don't feed them in the evening either.
  8. Andy T

    Lloyds 100% mortgage

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ other banks have being offering this product for the last few years
  9. Andy T

    School debt.

    I don't think most working parents think of school as being childcare, more an accepted way of life that between certain ages children are going to be in education 5 days a week, (rightly or wrongly) and have not given any thought to it being different. Most parents (well the ones who actually wanted to have their kids) look forward to the school holidays and try to maximise their crappy employed 4-ish weeks holiday a year to fit in around school hols, and would like to be able take and collect their kids from school, again if the typical inflexible employment allowed it. Maybe your chippy is not a balanced cross section of the population.
  10. On the radio this morning they were interviewing a woman who had saved up a house deposit by collecting money saving coupons. She explained that when she left Uni and rented a house, her bank account was in the red every month, due to various loans, credit card debt, car on HPI etc. and she couldn't understand why her account never got into the black. Then she discovered Money Saving Expert, cleared some debt and searched out money saving coupons/discounts which apparently got her a 15k deposit for a house. The presenter was lapping this up as some sort of magic money tree, and that everyone wanted to know where to find these coupons. The woman did not say what she did for a job or how much she earnt of course, she may of been earning a high salary relative to her outgoings but I guess no one would want to hear that, it was the magic coupons that did it. So there's the solution to buying a house, buy lots of crap with 'money off' coupons.
  11. Andy T

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Not sure, but I believe that some people will use some form of metal screening (or other) around the meter to prevent it transmitting a signal, so it becomes a conventional meter and they submit monthly meter readings manually as before.
  12. Andy T

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Argggggh! 4 months ago (when I signed up with them) Octopus didn't even entertain smart meters! from that link - " Agile Octopus is available to any Octopus customer with a SecureTM smart meter that we can receive half-hourly consumption data from. " Every half hour? That's just ******ing insane over the top, data extraction
  13. Andy T

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Well, I signed up with that supplier back in 2004, when I was 25, probably thought I had to back then. Fair point though, how many online registrations do we sign up to where phone number is a 'required field' - nothing to stop us putting in a false one though. From now on my phone number is 0666 9996969... On another note, has anyone seen the huge fleets of brand new vans going around that are doing these smart meter installs? Here around Manchester they are sporting a twin colour paintwork and livery (can't remember what the company name is though) a huge cost along with the subcontracted installation costs, and paid for by us all whether we want one or not.

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