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  1. If a proper crash comes they’ll be nothing the government can do to stop it. At least in the shorter term anyway.
  2. Which shelves were empty in the last panic buy? Dried pasta, rice, tinned tuna. All things that have a long shelf life that a small permanent buffer stock can be kept of.
  3. We are told the Pfizer vaccine is ‘safe’ without any more detail than that. In the very first DAY of use, severe allergic reactions occur that needed treatment. Did MHRA know about this risk but not tell the public? Have they published a summary of their safety study data? Or does this show that the testing has not been extensive/long enough? Said at the start I wouldn’t have a mRNA vaccine until it’s been in use for a year and proven, hopefully the oxford vaccine will have taken over long before then.
  4. Not true. It is absolutely about looking after number 1 - because no one else will. Do the Government care if a percentage of people have complications after having an new unproven mRNA vaccine, no ,because the majority will be ok so job well done.
  5. Personally I wouldn’t have the vaccine for about 12 months, to be sure there aren’t any serious side affects or other problems in some groups that hasn’t yet appeared in the short period of testing, or at least if there are, an informed decision could be made on the relative risk. Yes the vaccines are a great triumph and it needed to happen quickly, but they have to respect individuals rights to make their own decision without being branded selfish or an anti-vaccine extremist. Most of the media especially the bbc increasingly push the message ‘you must have the vaccine, It is totally sa
  6. Panic buying to start at the end of the Christmas holidays then? It didn’t take much last time.
  7. I’ve tracked Barclays rates for almost 5 years, current rate on a 5 year fix 60% Ltv is 1.43% , lowest I’ve seen it in 5 years. In 2018 it was around 1.79% 75% ltv is not far behind either.
  8. Of course there are benefits to home working for some, but the extra energy costs over winter are going to cripple some people on average salaries. Employers should pay those costs, should not be case that the employee ends up being out of pocket and thats ok because of the perceived benefits of WFH from the employers viewpoint.
  9. If you buy a house on the basis of two incomes and you go down to no income, perhaps it’s time to accept it’s no longer possible to stay where you are.
  10. Let’s see how people feel about it after a long dingy winter working at home when the heating bill has shot up. For some, offices get lots of natural light through the winter, but some people’s homes do not.
  11. Number of Cases, rate of change? Browns being positive blues being negative.
  12. I’ve wondered the same myself. I think there are people who tested positive in March and are still suffering long Covid symptoms now, so we possibly don’t yet know, could be much longer term. It’s a concern when you hear of sporty fit people in their early 40’s being floored by it.
  13. I’m not even allowed/trusted to work from home, nobody here is. Lots of housing stock is Victorian solid wall, let’s say even a 3 bed vic semi with modern boiler, the heating costs (and increased lighting use) would be more than perhaps even 40 miles a day fuel costs (no idea on public transport costs) and if you walk/cycle there’s no offset saving at all.
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