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  1. My parents (late 60’s) both had the vaccine last week. They’ve both had fairly rough side affects such as muscle pain, headaches and difficulty sleeping for just over a week now. Thought I would mention it here so others know what to expect, as I’ve seen very little mentioned about this in the news. They were both given the Oxford vaccine and were told about the possible side affects at the time. Guess it may cause working age people some problems being fit for work, time off sick etc.
  2. Do you believe it is so polarised , anti vaxxers as you put it, and Pro vaccine, with no one in between?
  3. Depends entirely on age or vulnerability, of course it’s very serious in the older age groups. It’s a balance of risk, your personal risk level of becoming very ill with Covid, against the risk of unknown long term side affect or complications from having the vaccine. Of course if I were elderly and not in great shape, the risk of not being vaccinated is much higher than the risk of possible side affects from a new technology vaccine (in the case of the Pfizer vaccine) But the younger you are, the more it needs to be a reasoned decision, i.e do you want to risk those vaccine
  4. Now who’s being silly. I don’t do panic, but I can think for myself and reason, shame most of the population are happy to be told what to think.
  5. It was our government who told us that the epidemic would be done by Autumn 2020, and UK scientists that said it was likely the virus would mutate into a less deadly/transmissible form. They rolled out help out to eat out, where some of public went hysterical and were eating out every day several times a day.
  6. ‘Proven safe’ after extremely compressed testing, time and numbers limited. Nobody really knows how safe these vaccines are until several months or years pass - the (willing) public are the guinea pigs.
  7. Nice - guess if the bbc declares it safe the public will lap it up and get their babies and kids injected with an unproven mRNA vaccine.
  8. But it’s not the same as Flu -the challenge is far far greater. We still barely know what we are dealing with - seemed to catch the planet off guard when it mutated for the worse instead of mutating itself into extinction. As for 18 year olds getting vaccines this summer - seems extremely unlikely to me - when infection/death rates fall to small numbers the emphasis will shift to distributing vaccines to other counties particularly third world ones.
  9. Every other government spokesperson has been pretty clear that vaccine passports are not going to happen, and I wish journalists would stop asking ministers/Scientists if vaccines will be made mandatory. What would be the point of a passport that says you might have some immunity from Covid for As little as 3 months, against currently known X variants , possibly? Any thoughts of what age group the vaccine rollout will stop at before it returns back to the over 90’s for boosters, then continue in a continuous loop of the elderly doing boosters and new vaccines to cope with new vari
  10. Nice house, remember looking around the Ellesmere Park area years back which this house is on the outskirts of but the problem is it is very very close to some rough parts of Eccles. Possibly cash only now due to structural issues found or maybe still classed as commercial building which causes mortgage problems. I stopped looking at Manchester house listings some time ago, as it was just crap average houses at silly prices, nothing interesting ever up for sale.
  11. If a proper crash comes they’ll be nothing the government can do to stop it. At least in the shorter term anyway.
  12. Which shelves were empty in the last panic buy? Dried pasta, rice, tinned tuna. All things that have a long shelf life that a small permanent buffer stock can be kept of.
  13. We are told the Pfizer vaccine is ‘safe’ without any more detail than that. In the very first DAY of use, severe allergic reactions occur that needed treatment. Did MHRA know about this risk but not tell the public? Have they published a summary of their safety study data? Or does this show that the testing has not been extensive/long enough? Said at the start I wouldn’t have a mRNA vaccine until it’s been in use for a year and proven, hopefully the oxford vaccine will have taken over long before then.
  14. Not true. It is absolutely about looking after number 1 - because no one else will. Do the Government care if a percentage of people have complications after having an new unproven mRNA vaccine, no ,because the majority will be ok so job well done.
  15. Personally I wouldn’t have the vaccine for about 12 months, to be sure there aren’t any serious side affects or other problems in some groups that hasn’t yet appeared in the short period of testing, or at least if there are, an informed decision could be made on the relative risk. Yes the vaccines are a great triumph and it needed to happen quickly, but they have to respect individuals rights to make their own decision without being branded selfish or an anti-vaccine extremist. Most of the media especially the bbc increasingly push the message ‘you must have the vaccine, It is totally sa
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