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  1. Andy T

    New homes 'crumbling due to weak mortar'

    If it took 4 years to hear a 'crack' and find that mortar has fell out as sand, it does seem more related to foundation issues. Although the recommended mix of 1:5.5 but 3 times weaker at 1: 16.5 is a bloody weak mix, definitely some sneaky cost cutting going on there, or poor procedures for mixing. Glasgow - bad frost could of also weakened the mortar. How do you 'replace' mortar anyway without rebuilding the house? the best they will do is repoint it, probably overcompensating with too strong a mix of mortar, with all the sand and crumbly stuff behind it, which will probably cause further problems down the line.
  2. There's quite an ambitious project going on in Greater Manchester led by Chris Boardman, to create dutch-style safe cycling spaces for all ages, i.e dedicated cycling/walking paths off the road, and safe crossings to link up quieter roads and paths etc, designed by the users, not just a highways engineering dept. It needs a huge amount of funding of course, some of which has already been secured.
  3. Andy T

    Supersized mortgages are back

    Insane. From what I remember, Metro Bank only do mortgages for London/The south? Surely he must have a job where there's proof of large pay rises coming shortly. 9x joint income would be bad enough, but 9x single income?? he looses his job then what? A quick look at their mortgages, 90% LTV would be 2.29% over 2 years. It states 'Any type of contract workers accepted'. Also mentions AirBnB - they let you rent it out for up to 90 days etc. etc. Sounds like a bank that might end as the next Northern Rock style collapse.
  4. Andy T

    Supersized mortgages are back

    It was 85% LTV so pretty high. Roughly 4x joint earnings, 25 years. It was Barclays/Woolwich. Prior to applying I researched a little to find the lenders that cropped up often as refusing applications on grounds of outgoings/existing loans/spending patterns/childcare costs etc. Barclays/Woolwich never really cropped up as a complaint. They tried to encourage us to lend more than we needed but over 35 years instead of 25, saying things like 'why don't you keep some of your deposit for furnishing the house, new kitchen, repairs etc. etc. They were surprised that we'd even heard of MMR.
  5. Maybe the whole electorate would not be so laissez-faire
  6. I Find that very hard to believe, how is 'poverty' measured and accurately compared across different countries? We have a massive welfare state here. How much child poverty in the UK is self inflicted by the parents? but it's not PC to suggest so.
  7. Poor poll though, as it doesn't state the percentage of 18-24 year olds that actually voted, turnout was very low. The next age range of 25-49 is such a massive age range so almost meaningless, this group is virtually a 50/50 remain or leave.
  8. Any data on that? the figures I saw shortly after the referendum suggested that actually, not many of the 'young' voted, and of those who did, didn't overwhelmingly vote remain.
  9. Andy T

    Supersized mortgages are back

    Same here just after MMR came in. I think someone with a high credit score got to bypass all the checks on outgoings/accounts, just 3 payslips required.
  10. Ha! Sounds like very good money to me. Lots of UK mechanical Engineers earn as little as 35-40k a year, across all age groups. Going contracting at £55-75 an hour would be a huge pay increase for many of them. As discussed many times before, if engineers don't demand what they're worth, their pay will be very average.
  11. Oh nice. It's not the fault of poorly run schools or the attitude of teachers then? let's import some poorly educated labour from elsewhere to solve the problem eh?
  12. Chorlton has gone mad yes, but Burnage? seriously?
  13. True, they are, but heavy though. Perhaps new designs can reduce the weight, and size.
  14. Not sure if this has already been discussed on here, slightly old news. https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/james-dyson-electric-car-interview-2018 Key points - Dyson thinks his patented 125,000rpm 'V10' motor is upscale-able to vehicles, presumably would be more efficient than current EV motors. He owns a solid state battery company, if they have solved the problem of mass producing it, could be big improvement over Lithium batteries. Will be high end, and very different. Lean engineering. Plan to make all the parts themselves (!) expect to sell it in 2021. I suppose if you're 71, successful , sat on billions you can't really spend, then why the hell not?

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