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  1. When I'm watching people like Steve Keen talk, Peter Schiff is another, and the man Keiser to a certain extent, I find myself looking forwards into the future and envisaging how these guys will be looked back on as sages of their time. The one thing with all these guys is they clearly believe what they say, and have a way of distilling some quite complex subjects down to common language and common sense. Which begs the question as to whether the subjects are actually that complex in the first place. Cracking video that one, Keen is always good value
  2. Golden rule in my experience: Estate agents lie easier than they breathe. So yeah I'd say its safe to assume the vermin are lying in this instance.
  3. The entire BBC is a rip off property investment scheme (scam) surely? :angry:
  4. Wig

    Fair Price

    Open with £107k and they should be grateful for that too. BUYERS MARKET!!
  5. Which area was this in? I watch the Swindon market closely (via rightmove) so am interested which EA "sold" actually converted to a real life "sold" give us a clue I'll guess it in 3
  6. kirsty just described phil as a 'maverick' for trying to go 50% over budget with someone elses money. kirsty is now playing hardball, offering 206k of someone elses money on a 215k asking price. she just said they'll need to cancel their honeymoon if they are serious about buying this house because they can then put that money to the 206k I'm getting pins and needles in my left arm here...
  7. now phil is somehow trying to make that poor girl spend £2.5m instead of £1.7m he seems to be good at spending other peoples money
  8. did she just advise them to rent the house for two years before buying it? what the god dam hell is she talking about?
  9. kirsty just referred to that poor girl as a 'preening princess' behind her back because she didn't fall in love with the crudbox terrace hovel kirsty had found her. phil and kirsty are trying to divide and conquer here, they use couples against each other from what I can glean from this episode. quite snide and cynical behaviour. :angry:
  10. phil just tried to tell this couple to stop comparing crudbox a with crudbox b because it isn't fair on him. kirsty disagreed. I think they may be playing fat cop bad cop on this poor couple. yes now kirsty just said "i'm not bullying you, i'm your friend" this is classic psychological warfare, phil has taken the guy to one side to get to him now..
  11. now phil is trying to force a tear or two out as if he gives a toss how he spends this poor girls £1.7m they're talking about her like she's a pet tortoise or something just because she's in a wheelchair. this is gutter television right here
  12. kirsty alsopp now looking through her scrunched up porky face at that poor couple as she shows them round a new build crudbox when they suggest the kitchen might be a bit 'small' just told them they're not 'proper people' unless they clean their house every day this is dispicable television, I'm getting chest pains
  13. kirsty alsopp looking down her nose at that girl in the wheelchair like she's a piece of crud on her shoe :angry: disgusted,
  14. Wig

    Buying Frenzy!

    Chatting to a couple of colleagues over lunch today. Both London based, one just bought a house in Wimbledon somewhere, the other looking to sell their flat in Islington. Few choice quotes: “It is such a sellers market at the moment” “I read there are 18 buyers to every property on the market at the moment” (in evening standard apparently, although sounded suspiciously like EA bullsht to me) “the prices just keep on going up – its ridiculous I’ve made £175k on my flat in the last five years” guy who’s looking to sell it which was followed by “the only problem is I could sell my flat instantly but I’d have a nightmare finding another one to buy” I tried to explain that the £175k wasn’t actually profit unless you were able to realise it as surely the price of whatever you’re looking to move into has gone up by at least that? But it honestly did not seem to compute. The entire concept of rising prices creating equity to move into a bigger property is fatally flawed as the next property will have increased in price exponentially surely… I was a bit gobsmacked to be honest, all delivered without a hint of irony (or delusion?) it really seems to be a total alternate universe. Real eye opener to hear first hand. I tempered the conversation down with the fact that the rest of the country is falling and it really is a buyers market outside London etc. (and probably SE) which was met with complete surprise. Like the concept of falling house prices was a completely foreign concept. Has all the hallmarks of bubble talk to me!!…
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