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  1. Do you not think this a good opportunity for Brown to print lots of money to devalue borrowings. A quote from Nouriel Roubini
  2. this 2 bed semi has been on the market for 65 days and has been reduced 3 times from 155k to 101k, the area isn't great but the house itself looks ok. 2 bed semi southampton 155k --> 101.5K
  3. establish yourself a trade in the UK first, it will be far more difficult to do this in an unfamiliar country and it will be no easier to find a job elsewhere. Me personally though as an established engineer, once I have my OU degree, I'm off, this country sucks! Another bit of advice, you will never get rich working for someone else.
  4. Its not all like that, I've been renting a house for over a year with 3 others, 2 blokes and a girl, we are all around 25 and have a good laugh, it all depends on the personalities of the people you live with, I've been mates with one of them for 10 years and although sometimes there are little things that may get on my nerves, overall its a good clean house to live in.
  5. Just out of interest I have looked at the statistics for CPI figures. The CPI figure for January has not increased from December since 1990, and every year since the start of the data (1988) CPI figures in February compared to January has been higher. It is really starting to look bad for the BOE and GB and I reckon another interest rate rise next month may be in order.
  6. its interesting that in Septembers CPI figures, they reckon bread and cereals have gone up only 2.3% compared to 2005
  7. national statistics have all the CPI figures, here is a link for Septembers CPI figures: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/pdfdir/cpi1006.pdf
  8. I think car stickers or something similar would be a good idea, if I get time to make one I'll post it on here for people to print out, count me in but I don't think there are many people here with the same enthusiam. I think the general public need educating more rather than protests, if everyone on this site got together on the net etc which I have noticed happening but not on a large scale, I think the effect could be quite significant.
  9. Hey well done you have the sixth most recommended comment, with a recommendation from me too
  10. The BoE decides what the interest rate should be, it then manipulates the money market in a way for the interest rates to change in the way they want, by lending or borrowing more to commercial banks, I suppose as the banks are in competition they will want to lend as close to this value as possible whilst also making money themselves. Here is a good article explaining this. This is another article which explains the true value of money. Here is a quote from the article which Gordon might be a bit miffed with
  11. I just complained to OFCOM too, I'm in that sort of mood today, luckily I'm off work this week so have a bit more time on my hands. I have been reading their broadcasting code of conduct and it mentions about due impartiality, come on people what are you waiting for
  12. OMG I nearly puked watching that, I get really wound up about these types of things lately, in the last few weeks I have decided to be very outspoken about the housing market, here is an excerpt of the e-mail I sent to Channel 4 about this: "Southampton came in at number 5, here are the stats for the average house price in Southampton as on the BBC website from Land Registry figures: .................... Last Quarter ....... Annual Detached ......... -14.8% .......-5.5% Flat ................ -2.7% ......... -0.5% Semi ............... 2% ......... -0.4% Terraced ......... 2.9% ......... 0.2% Overall ......... -0.9% ......... 0.1% You can see that buying a house in Southampton in the last year would not have been a good investment, even more so if you take inflation into account, I know your legal team looked at the program before it was aired etc etc but it is these types of program which causes the general public to become more and more deluded." My mother said to me today "why don't you buy a house you would be better off etc etc", I explained how the media may have influenced why she may think that, she said "but I don't read newspapers", I said "so where do you get your opinions from then" she said "your father" I said "and where does he get his opinions from" she said "the newspapers" I said "Exactly my point" and explained to her what sheeple are
  13. Yes HPC has definately educated me, I mainly lurk on here but don't post much, since a work colleague has introduced me to here I have looked at housing and the economy in a different light, it has made me realise just how much control the media have on people, its like being woken up from the matrix or something. I tend not to let my true feelings about housing out cos people generally try to ridicule me and my workmate, but I have definately noticed that sentiment is changing regarding the economy and housing. I had a discussion about a year ago with someone who was adament that "bricks and mortor is the best investment you can make, never go wrong with bricks and mortor, house prices will always go up". This week the same person said to me "I reckon the economy is going down the pan, and if interest rates go up I'll struggle with the mortage". HPC has definately made a difference to the way I see things now.
  14. BBC News "Bird flu may 'trigger recession' " http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4882358.stm if the bird flu ever does start transferring from person to person I think moving house will be the last thing on peoples minds.
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