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  1. Just to add... Weakening sterling is designed to boost exports. Selling UK property to foreign investors is literally exporting UK property.
  2. I disagree with this. Strong sterling is more likely to cause a HPC, that is exactly why the BoE has been easing so much, to weaken the currency. Yes that has been more for exports, but would never consider doing anything which would crash the housing market, because then the 640 billion in unpayable UK property debt gets called in. How weak sterling is supporting house prices... http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ianmcowie/100017789/wealthy-foreigners-cash-in-as-weak-sterling-makes-expensive-london-house-prices-look-cheap/
  3. One thought- this could be a potential trigger for a UK HPC. We will get sector rotation off the back of this QE announcement. Different assets will now be favourable, and others will fall out of favour. Specifically, European and Asian capital has less reason to fly to London property. The ECB is pumping European bonds (and stocks), the FED is pumping US equities, and both of them pushing up PMs and commodities. Sterling has strengthened and I think will continue to break to the upside, making UK assets/property less attractive to foreign buyers. I always thought that a genuine European re
  4. You're not wrong Mr Fibble- check out the stock levels today! They've basically put the shutters down, and I dont blame them. Would you like to sell your physical gold at artificially low hyper manipulated paper prices- no thanks. Half sovereign N/A Full sovereign N/A Tenth krugerrand £115.25 Quarter krugerrand N/A Half krugerrand N/A Full krugerrand N/A Gold eagle (pre-1933) N/A Chinese panda N/A Australian nugget N/A Canadian Maple Leaf N/A Britannia N/A American dollar N/A Austrian Philharmonic N/A
  5. Thanks for the reassurance Take Me Back, it sounded wrong to me. So you also get 2.9g of silver in every Britannia- that 2.50GBP will help with the postage cost!
  6. Thanks Geordie. Those two links are cheaper, and closer to me too. They dont seem to sell Britannias but the smaller sovereigns are a great price. Have you bought from them before?
  7. I've got a couple of questions for you goldbugs. As I understand it, a 1oz Gold Britannia Sovereign is 22 carat, but contains the same amount of gold as a 24 carat 1oz coin (ie: 1oz gold + some extra weight for the additional alloy). I then came across the (I think completely bogus) website, which says that isn't the case, and you get less than 1oz gold in a Britannia. Is this wrong like I think it is? http://www.goldcoinstrader.net/determining-the-price-of-gold-per-ounce-for-less-than-24-karat-gold/ Also, I bought a few from goldmadesimple recently. I havent seen anyone talk about them on
  8. I just created this as an update to a MoneyWeek article published in March 2009. Seems to be playing out nicely. http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/property/uk-house-prices-will-plummet-look-at-this-scary-chart-14664
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