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  1. You're right, I am yet to see a new build development with enough parking.
  2. Indeed, silly me, I should know it all comes down to how much money they can get out of you.
  3. Beckton - where i've lived since 2004. For the first 5 years it was nice, peaceful even. Then in 2009 they moved in 2 families from hell, both single mothers with 5 boys between them and not a job or a father in sight. It began because I asked 2 of the boys to stop smocking weed on my doorstep and leaving their rubbish and spit on my door step. Tried speaking to the parents only to be told that I was a stuck up cow and didn't own the whole close. Anyway long to short of it, my car was damaged repeatedly, £800 worth of scratches on the drivers side doors, two broken wing mirrors and 3 flat tyres in the space of 18 months. After repeated complaints to the useless housing association, I installed an HD camera and set up my laptop to watch over my car, I then wrote to my local MP who I must say was very good. I wrote to the chairman of the housing association and finally after having video evidence action started to be taken, but too little too late. I had banana's with some really nasty things written on them put through my letter box, my front door vandalised. It has been a stressful two years!
  4. Thanks Hopefully it goes well, although as it's Newham I am remaining optimistically cynical (if that makes sense) The parking situation is ridiculous. There is no street parking at all and an assigned parking space is going to cost me £60 a month. I have no idea why these developments are created without any thought for a standard thing like parking.
  5. It is a little sad - but this country seems intent on short changing those that arguably contribute the most. The worst part is I actually feel like one if the lucky ones.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm been reading the site for a while (about 3 years) and its been a wonderfully insightful knowledge source. For a site that I stumbled across by accident, its now one of my daily reads. I stated reading the site after I discovered that although I was earning a fair salary I was unable to buy a decent home for myself. So the reason for my post is that i've been granted a flat in the Olympic Village or East Village as it's now called. I'm due to move in 4-6 weeks and it's going to an interesting time for me, especially since the one bed flat I will be renting from the housing association is priced at almost 6 times my annual salary (£300000) and I could never buy one bed flat for such an eye watering price I am yet to view the property, but I have been for my official tour of the East Village. There are those that expect the development to become a ghetto within the next few years, which I am obviously hoping will not happen. However, from what I have seen, and the number of interviews, employment check, bank account checks and credit checks I had to agree to, before I was granted approval to live in the development - it would seem that the tenants will be vetted with efforts made to try and produce a cohesive community. ​From my own personal view I am a supporter of social housing ( I hate that term) and I believe it should be a real choice for everyone. However, past governments as well as the current government have destroyed the very essence of what social housing was meant to be. I've been a social housing tenant for around 10 years and I have no doubt that having a place to live that didn't cost me most of my earnings has been a big factor in my ability to achieve better things in my career. I was able to take jobs paying less in order to gain experience which would eventually help me earn more. So, I thought that perhaps my journey into this supposed new community may be of interest to you folks here. I'll report back on my progress as well as my experience of living in a planned new village. Of course, comments and questions are welcome, it would be interesting to get other peoples thoughts, views and general observations on this development. Lastly some background on me for perspective. Female, 38; employed as a service delivery manager in the IT departments of a communications company. Currently renting a flat in Newham East London, reason for the move to the East Village is due to 2 years of harassment, vandalism and abuse from the teenage sons of a couple families living on the same close.
  7. Interesting article – what really stood out for me was the top earning bracket being £52k, which is a high salary; yet particularly in London many in that bracket would be able to find a houseto buy in reasonable multiples (x3.5 of income). Madness. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/the-best-paid-jobs.html
  8. Really interesting thread. My 2 pennies worth... Female not long turned 35 – 46.5k a year basic, raising to approx 54k with bonus and share vesting options. Work as a global service level manager for large IT company (think routers and switches). Live in East London, and renting 1 bed flat from HA, so rent is very low compared to private rents (400 per month). Been here for 7 years and if it were not for me being lucky enough to get this flat would probably be living in a house share. Plan is to start saving aggressively in the next 6-9 months, once I have cleared debts accumulated by redundancy and taking a major pay cut 4 years ago. Long term my dream is to be debt free, as I see debt as the worst thing anyone can have, being debt free = freedom in my opinion. Was thinking about buying in 2013, but never want to borrow more than 3x my income – not sure how possible that will be in London. Started doing my research which lead me to discover HPC and I am so happy I came across this site. Think it’s an absolute disgrace how working and paying your way no longer provides the average person the decent life it used it.
  9. Just a big thank you! Came across this site around a month ago, and have spent a couple of hours each day reading through the various threads. It has been an absolute wealth of information to me, and also reassured me in the decisions I made 4 years ago. When all of my close friends were buying property, at ridiculous prices, none of them could quite understand my decision to stay off the property market and concentrate on becoming completely and utterly debt free and save as much as possible. I was told I’d be left behind, and that I was making the biggest mistake of my life. They aren't really saying that now...surprise surprise! The knowledge I have gained from this site has really helped me plan for my future, and driven me to gain more knowledge of economics and how money works. So a big thank you to HPC! This site needs to become recommended reading for everyone; I’ve been spreading the word! About me - 35, Service Manager for an IT company, currently renting. Luckily from a HA, so rent is reasonable. I would one day like to own a house as a home, but would never want to borrow more than 3.5 my income. Hopefully as the market corrects its self this will be possible within the next few years.
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