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  1. we've got a tracker at 0.75% above base rate , we got it mid August (luckily)
  2. Rachel

    55% Price Drop!

    Did i say that was a good price? i was just showing a piece of land where the owner was living in another reality and has been slowly but surely coming to their senses
  3. Rachel

    55% Price Drop!

    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-220...p;mam_disp=true this has gone from £375k (they relisted it at £325k)to £225k
  4. sounds like the lady my partner and i are trying to buy off. She and her husband bought house in 2002 for £99k and all they have done is paint the outside of the house. The house was valued at the start of the year at £180-185k. She won't go below £177k even though last week it was valued at £160k. She says she can't sell it at such a low price and it's easily worth £250k done up. Hmmmm. (just wish the house wasn't so perfect for us)
  5. can't lump everyone into the same basket - my partner and i are trying to buy a house off a lady whose husband died last year. She had the house valued at the start of the year for £180-185k. Got the mortgage valuation in yesterday for £160k. She says she simply can't go below £180k because the money is for her future(she in her 60s and not much money in the bank). I do feel somewhat sorry for her as she's just thinking about her future - however being stuck with a house that's devaluing is a worse scenario.
  6. which street? i've been looking at rightmove and many places have been taking dives of £2k-£20k
  7. we had an offer rejected tonight, we offered £172k on a price of £185k(valued by 3 EAs in January!) the owner said she just can't possibly go down that far, even though she paid £99k in 2002. argh!
  8. where precisely? in one those of those dead end estates where your neightbours constantly break in and nick you radiators? how many areas seriously had houses for £25,000? even my parents house which isn't at all posh cost £77,000 in 1988 (my Dad is a normal low earning lorry driver)
  9. i'm lucky enough to be a redundancy free job
  10. i agree, and actually my boyfriend and I with our deposit(10%) -could afford this mythical 4 bed detached! that's because we're both high earners and we would both pay towards the mortgage!! In comparison to rents, it would cost what we are both paying seperatley too. so, i think Ozzmosiz is being unrealistic , as is the OP. House prices, no matter what time in history have always been expensive. I''m not disagreeing that we are in one hell of a bubble and i do think prices should fall, but housea are never cheap and easy to pay for.
  11. my partner and I are hopefully moving out of town and will have to commute. My plan is to get a motorbike! I used to ride a scooter around London and it's a great, cheap and fast way to get around. I know that as a motorcyclist you are 45 more times likely to be killed in a car accident - but as an experienced scooterist/cyclist- i also know how to be safe on the road! I don't know why more people don't take to 2 wheels - i can't bear the thought of being stuck in traffic in a car! for me, the other reason is that motorbikes don't get charged for going over the Severn Bridge!
  12. i've noticed alot of this in Bristol, price starts at say £250,000 then 2 weeks later gets changed to 'offers over £240,000. god i love property bee!
  13. what's the point of your post? i have a great life, especially as i learnt years ago i don't need to waste money on crap just to be 'happy' and to fit in with other people. Camping is great-fresh air and serenity -much less stressful than a holiday that involves airports/lost luggage/strange languages/etc. i don't smoke as it's vile, i don't drink because i just don't get any enjoyment out of it or out being a drunken idiot. My social life is full of going out to the cinema, cheap restaurants, meeting up with mates and making jewellery - so i'm not some saddo who has no life! And buying new clothes when there's nothing wrong with your old ones is ridiculous- and environmentally unfriendly. Plus i don't give a stuff what the Jones think about me -i'm happy and content because i don't worry about what my next credit card bill will look like!
  14. i'm similar to jdc and it's not difficult! especially if you don't smoke or drink -which for me reduces pub visits unless friends really want to go. Pictures-always go on Orange Wednesdays or the cinemas cheap Tuesdays. Gifts don't have to be expensive, neither do clothes. Buy maybe a new item of clothing a month at no more than £20 a piece. Sightseeing-many places are free! Holidays are camping! Eating out-well again, go to cheap places like the many asian restaurants where you can get dinner and drinks for a tenner a head. Cosmetics are whatever is on offer and 2 for 3 deals-so my cupboards are usually stocked up. I have a car but rarely use it-cycle most places.
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