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  1. Pay off the national debt?!? The boomers will bankrupt the state before passing on, either on pensions or healthcare. No way austerity now will affect the youngs non-existent retirement plans decades from now.
  2. The Tories are a collation of pro and anti immigration MPs. UK government can't even measure immigration (numbers are based on airport surveys). They will do nothing to reduce immigration after Brexit, apart from maybe send out a few more "Go Home" vans. Pinning this on Corbyn is delusional. Corbin is pandering to both Renters and The Young™, which makes a nice change.
  3. 2% a year dying out + a million young people registering to vote every year, with 70% leaving Labour. Thats a pro-housing Labour majority if the election is held this time next year if nobody changes their mind, which is pretty good considering Generation Rent voters won't outnumber Baby Boomers until sometime around 2024* Tory's will need a clear out of the cabinet in order to regain credibility on housing. * Good projections are pretty hard to make because UK population data is pretty shitty.
  4. Why the UK Election Results are the Worst in History...
  5. More tactical voting this time around, after the dogs dinner in 2015.
  6. As I said "Nothing in this Daily Mail day-before-election article is true..."
  7. My theory is if you're far enough into "The Right" then everyone looks like a Socialist.
  8. For better or for worse Jeremy Corbin and his supporters seem determined to undo the work of Tony Blair. It would be amazing if he managed to kill off the housing bubble too!
  9. The DM rating system is rigged. Just read them in order and enjoy.
  10. Nothing in this Daily Mail day-before-election article is true, but the comments do tell a story of a public that now seem to want house prices to go down, and a media that keep telling them that they should only keep going up. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4578912/Labour-plan-crash-house-prices.html Vote Labour for HPC!!
  11. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”
  12. So you're saying it's pretty random if your vote has any meaning or not, and that's why we should stick with FPTP? If UKIP got 50-100 seats, then it would try and form a ruling coalition with other parties. The process of negotiation and finding common ground gives us a broadly representative government, blocks more extreme polices and is how governments are supposed to function. Tory's are only pretending to be UKIP for this election. In a few weeks they'll revert to the usual free market pro-immigration nutjobs they've always been.
  13. There is a campaign for PR. If you vote correctly (as opposed to not at all), then it helps the rest of us make pretty graphs showing how much a scandal the UK voting system has become...
  14. Vote early, vote often. Seriously though UK elections are heavily rigged towards the country dwelling right-wing elite. If you are left leaning in the UK you have vote tactility to prevent a split vote favouring the Tories. Also support PR at every opportunity. Appart from that you should be making lots of angry calls/visits to your local MP/journalist about the issues of the day. It's your civic duty!
  15. Which effectively makes Labour the HPC party! You can donate here: https://donation.labour.org.uk/donate/
  16. It's been government policy for years (Tory + New Labor) to push up the price of shelter as much as possible. Anybody voting Tory expecting them to curb immigration in any meaningful way really needs to open their eyes.
  17. Most of these countries already have a mostly contribution based social insurance system, while the cost of living in the UK is so high we have to pay people to live here.
  18. The Tories are spending BILLIONS propping up house prices. Any sensible UK housebuilding program would turn a tidy profit, raise living standards, create jobs and improve our international competitiveness.
  19. Why does this It'll-cost-too-much argument keep popping up? The Tories are spending BILLIONS propping up house prices. Any sensible UK housebuilding program would turn a tidy profit, raise living standards, create jobs and improve our international competitiveness. Be sure to vote UKIP, as the Torys say immigration will rise after Brexit.
  20. Everything here is tribalism: Other tribe did bad thing, so my tribe also has to do bad thing, and regardless of facts it's always the other tribes fault. Please reassess your perspective. As a poster on HPC, you've no business criticizing someone who wants to reintroduce council housebuilding in the UK, as opposed to spending billions propping up the property market.
  21. I figured it out: Brexit will take 15+ years (comparatively simple Canadian trade deal only took 7). So in 2020 May would have gone to the electorate with "Cliff-edge Brexit" (banks leaving, planes grounded, pileup at dover, etc) or shitty long terms transition deal (blue passports, no EU voting rights, full payments) which would have been an obvious failure. 2017 election means she can promise the moon on a stick, we'll have our cake and eat it, and the Daily Mail crowd will still lap it up.
  22. Make no mistake, this is another U-Turn. Probably likely due to her not listening to business interests, making her position untenable.
  23. Agreed, but this is more about incentivizing housebuilding than making councils honest. Actual tax reductions will be proportional to NIMBY opposition, housing need, uplift profits, etc, which should trail off over time. We already have an overly centralized system, so I'm not sure why you'd argue to make it more so? This would not make London richer, as all this would do is move money from landowners to councils. Who's up for tweeting this at their local councilors?
  24. I'm here all week, try the veal. This question was based on this much better plan proposed by Shelter (probably discussed elsewhere) called New Civic Housebuilding. However my plan ticks more boxes: Captures planning gain and spends it locally (services or tax cuts: I don’t care). Discourages NIMBYs (how many would turn up to protest a tax cut). Establishes a link between housebuilding & public good (vs private profit). Doesn't need any action from central Government (don’t mention LVT). Is this a policy we should be promoting?
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