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  1. I think he actually said HE was worried and asked for opinions. You and Bruce spout the exact same stuff, does that make you two trolls?
  2. Can't believe anyone over the age of 25 is actually glad they still stay at their parents Stuck in your room, chugging away hoping you don't get caught Fighting for who gets the shower and toilet in the morning Getting pressured to cut the grass and hedges Having to own up to it with burds Sod that One of the few regrets I have is not living on my own for a few years before moving in with the missus, straight from parents to flat with her at 24. Owning a flat, any flat, on my own would have allowed a great deal more shenanigans to go on, rather than every time I pulled having to rely o
  3. It was a shit idea to begin with, they should just have built a spur off the Edinburgh to Glasgow rail line, it would be finished by now. Infrastructure projects are a perfect example of just how low the UK has fallen. The last project I worked on was the Airdrie to Bathgate Rail Link, everything was about cutting costs. New stations were built and the talk was all about modular this, standardise that. Network Rail want to introduce a standard kit like station that can be flung up at minimal cost. I'm now working building a passenger line extension in Brisbane, words like legacy, aesthetics a
  4. Whatever you buy a property for is the market value, it is impossible to buy one 25% below the market value. The common theme for house sales in Glasgow currently seems to be estate agent gives blurb about going on at offers over to get the property Property goes on market and stays there for 3-4 months Property goes to fixed price Property goes to lower fixed price Property eventually sells With the introduction of property bee and websites showing sale prices it's easy to track how long a property has been on the market, in the current market this means people won't pay over the odds,
  5. The most immediate impact I can see of all this is that similar to the UK, most sellers are being totally unrealistic. Houses go on the market and just don't sell. Thousands of people are moving to Brisbane every year and I would say virtually none buy, therefore the rental market is totally crazy. I moved here in February and struggled to find a 4 bedroom house with pool within 30mins commute of CBD using public transport, of the 5 I viewed only 2 were liveable and the one I'm in the only one I would like to live in. Problem is it costs $900 a week or $3910 a month. At current exchange rate
  6. Interestingly made up you mean? Society has collapsed, someone is waiting to rob or shoot you at every corner, but you leave your family alone while you nip out to teach architecture at midnight
  7. I'm currently in Australia and have in the past been offered a role in Abu Dhabi so it's certainly not true, having one does make it alot easier though. I quite fancy a few years in the USA after my 4 year Visa is up, easiest way I can see is to move to an American company while here and then make the move.
  8. financially sound mining conglomerates being pounded, meanwhile the GBP is up what's that all about?
  9. This thread is crying out for Erranta or Bear Lite to chip in. Housepricecrash is full of threads declaring the incompetence of Cameron, Blair, Brown, Clegg, Bush etc etc etc. Well either they're incompetent and nobody predicted what was coming or they're actually super geniuses who planned it all along. They can't be incompetent fools and have masterminded the shift of trillions of dollars of debt from banks to citizens.
  10. The missus just received this email from UNITE, I think I'll email Siobhan asking for her proposed solution to the countries finances. You may now have heard about the government’s unfair plans to change the State Pension Age. 5 million men and women in their late 50s are affected, and will have to wait longer for their state pension. Half a million women will have to wait over a year for their pension, and 33,000 will have to wait a full two years. Most of our members are affected, and we all need to take action to unite for pensions for women, for men and for all our futures. Please find a
  11. I'm just glad that since the Tories got in to power they've withdrawn the troops from Afghanistan and trimmed public spending Oh wait Hold on No, they've signed us up for another war, increased spending and left the top rate of tax alone. All politicians are equally as bad, get with the messafe folks.
  12. I wish, this little beauty has just gone for 20k over the valuation price http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/24-second-avenue/glasgow/g44-4te/9233862
  13. Optional life support? Surely you need it or you don't?
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