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  1. Yes, male duffers - who only bleeding well went and sodding wrecked the whole global effing economy and probably, when it unfolds, our way of life from now on. Why do you need to push your point about successful businesswomen. You may be right regarding some of them, and I could play tit for tat with you again giving you more male 'duffers', but I really can't be arsed. Why are you so hellbent on trying to disparage every single woman who has done well, whether on her own, or with help. Why don't you instead focus on the real causes of the mess we're in. And just for the record, here are some not so duff men who also had a little help to get them started: David Sainsbury - son of Sir Richard Sainsbury, nephew of Lord Sainsbury Rothermere (owns Daily Mail etc) - father Lord Rothermere Richard Branson - public school, father a barrister, grandfather a judge. The men in charge of the banks and governments wrecked our economies, so just accept it and move on. I'm not saying all men are to blame, ffs. But the facts speak for themselves. Deal with it.
  2. I'm surprised none of you have mentioned: Fantasy Island - Larry Elliott The Gods that Failed - Larry Elliott Both perfectly detailing how New Labour got us into this mess. The Great Unravelling - Paul Krugman On the same, but in the US under Bush Who Runs Britain - Robert Peston ! It's actually amazing, unlike his Pravda blogs...
  3. Absolutely! It's all an illusion..
  4. Let me make myself clear: The banks that wrecked themselves and are continuing to wreck the economy were ALL run by men. The politicians in charge allowing all this and encouraging it (Blair, Bush, Brown) were ALL men. Get used to it so we can move on, instead of blaming women all the time for hpi. Yes, the rest of the people fuelled it too, but it was women and men. God, at my work as many men as women used to bore me shedless about how much their house was now worth. Many of both sexes wanted houses to rise so they could 'afford' the Plasma TV, 4x4s, Gucci handbags etc. Meanwhile, it's interesting the only comment in my posts to this effect that's been pounced on was the one about Rowling... (thanks for putting me right on the Beatles, but it just proves Rowling, who has not been ripped off once, is a pretty good businesswoman after all!) But thank God the majority of men on this site do actually like women. Denial is a river in Egypt...?
  5. New Labour will go down in history for its Stalin-speak. One of Brown's that really amazes me is the rebranding of the Post Office as "The People's Post Office" - after they closed thousands of local branches, taking them away from the people! They really think we are stupid. Maybe we are...
  6. 'Is it big business to run a music event' etc blah, blah. Jesus, you lot really hate women, don't you? Why, ffs, when I cite a few women successful in business do you always assume I'm therefore stating that they are better then men who have been just as successful? Again, chip, shoulder, on. However, shall we play tit (!) for tat, then? Ok, let's look at those great men who worked their way up from nowhere: Fred Goodwin (father electrician). Look at the damage he did. Adam Applegarth (father physics teacher). Ditto. Madoff (father a plumber). Jesus. And some of those who had a little help: George W Bush - father US president etc etc. Yawn.
  7. Of course she's a successful author, but being worth £600m she's a very canny businesswoman, so worth mentioning. No other writer in the history of mankind has made as much money so quickly. Quote from Forbes: "Harry Potter is now a billion-dollar branding empire. Rowling has created a treasure chest of intellectual property that any media firm could buy - if she were willing to sell -and continue the Harry Potter franchise."
  8. You've never had a girlfriend have you? Never mind, just keep saving your pennies for yet another sad, lonely visit to a trafficked woman. As to those of you who blame women for hpi, (ffs!): MAIN BANKERS etc who caused hpi and the crash and are continuing to wreck the world economy = ALL MEN (Fred Goodwin, Adam Applegarth, Andy Hornby, John Thain, Dick Fuld, Madoff, Mervyn King etc etc etc) MAIN POLITICIANS who with their policies encouraged the banks to cause hpi and the crash = ALL MEN (Blair, Bush, Brown, Hank Paulson, Alistair Darling etc etc etc). Hello? What planet are you all on?
  9. I can't believe this bit: “On balance I think it is a good thing that we ensure that the excesses in the banking industry are brought to an end,” Darling said. On balance? On balance!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!! He's insane.
  10. It was all to do with status. The clerk or estate agent owning the £200 Mont Blanc pen, the secretary having the £700 Prada handbag. Never mind the top of the range cars. It was a window of opportunity we'll never see the likes of again, thank goodness.
  11. The upmarket shops moved into Westfield - or planned to at least - because they were actually targetting 'ordinary' people. For years now, due to 0% credit deals, low and middle income families, ie those on £30,000 and under, could for the first time in their lives afford luxury goods. The exclusive shops dabbled with Westfield because they thought at the time this would continue. Now real money is back...
  12. The Westfield Group is a multinational Australian company which owns shopping centres in Australia, the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
  13. In yesterday's London Evening Standard, a long piece (I've edited it). Apologies if it's been posted before, but I think you missed it. For full story: www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23664714-details/Can+Westfield+beat+the+crunch/article.do Can Westfield beat the crunch? In the run-up to Christmas, only Westfield, it seemed, the biggest in-city shopping centre in Europe, had the swagger to resist the "50 per cent off" sale signs that appeared like a rash on every high street across the UK.Four-and-a-half months later, those bustling, heady days seem a distant memory. Up to half-a-dozen retailers and two restaurants have closed. They include clothing outlets You'th, Kate Kuba, Principles and Blooming Marvellous, and eateries Ito and Esca. Another 20 stores have yet to open, including luxury anchor store Louis Vuitton, whose launch, set for November, was postponed to March, then April and now May. Among retailers, the talk is that Louis Vuitton will not open at all, a rumour denied by the company and Westfield but given fuel by the many retailers whose openings appear "indef-initely postponed". Visit on a Monday, as I did as one of three visits, and it can feel as if you have the place to yourself. In Next, one of the anchor stores, the changing rooms were deserted. When I headed towards Debenhams, the other anchor, every fifth shop was either closed or "opening soon", with those open invariably offering huge discounts of "up to 70 per cent off".With nearly 10 per cent of the 280 stores still vacant, parts of Westfield resemble a ghost town, none more so than The Village, the exclusive designer part of the mall, home to the likes of Prada, Gucci and Dior. Here, half of the two-dozen premises are unoccupied or boarded up. You can run for 50 metres and not bump into anyone except for bored sales assistants who stand like mannequins, outnumbering customers by as many as eight to one... ...After a honeymoon period, the credit crunch is hitting Westfield like an express train, they say, with more shops on the brink of closing. What has gone wrong? Westfield, whose Australian holding company reported annual losses of £1 billion last month because of the slumping value of its 119 malls worldwide, remains upbeat and insists it is "pleased" with the 9.5 million visitors so far. Simon Holberton, Westfield's director of corporate affairs, says: "Footfall is seasonal and February was negatively impacted by the extreme weather conditions. But Westfield is on track to achieve our estimate of 20 million visitors in our first year, a respectable level for a greenfields location with no retail history... ...But nothing epitomises the sense of all quiet on the Westfield front as much as a meander through the empty Village with its piped music, huge chandeliers and elegant pink and white champagne bar. Maureen Hinton, a retail analyst at Verdict Research says: "You have to wonder at the wisdom of this. I don't believe that the true luxury shopper who typically buys in Bond Street will ever be attracted to Westfield. European and American tourists are not going to trek out to Shepherd's Bush, which doesn't exactly have the kudos of Knightsbridge. Westfield was always only going to attract the mass market." The store manager at leather goods shop Bill Amberg, where a crocodile leather briefcase with Swarovski diamond studs sells for £11,000, agrees. "I've worked in Bond Street so I can make a good comparison," she says. "The footfall in this mall is completely wrong for us. We get a lot of people local to west London shopping in this area, but they are not the sort to spend £1,000 on a dress or a bag... ..."And now that we've opened, all around us it's dead. I thought this would be an 'it' shopping centre, but now I think not. February was 25 per cent down on November, but more worrying is what lies ahead. My information is that quite a few shops here are on the brink and drastically cutting back on staff."... ...This weekend, it seems, they are hanging on for Mother's Day. A shop assistant at women's outfitters La Senza wields a red marker as she slashes prices on eye shadow by 50 per cent. "This centre is dead," she says. "Our Oxford Street and Marble Arch branches are doing much better. When we opened we did well but since Valentine's Day, sales have fallen very badly." She pulls a face. "It's not what they expected when they opened. But what can we do?"
  14. I've just checked the BBC website to refresh my memory regarding Lloyds. It says: "Kirsty asked the Chancellor Alistair Darling whether the decision to facilitate the Lloyds TSB takeover of HBOS was a DISASTER OF HIS MAKING." !!!!!!??!!!? edit: oh bum. That was a quote from her Friday interview with Darling. So it seems it's not the first time she's laid into him. I can't for the life of me remember what she said tonight about Lloyds, but it was along those lines . I'm so thrilled I don't know if I'm coming or going.
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