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  1. Thanks again Tonkers. I won't let the b.....rds grind me down! I recently went on a course to improve my skills in my particular niche. And I'm more than happy to learn other skills - am learning French at the moment! I hope you're really enjoying your new job.
  2. I am sorry, iamthickaspigshit, non comprendo. How does your sentence: 'Abusing the system is a woman working for shop X deciding to have 12 babies with strangers so she can have a nice council house and not put up with customers' make any sense? Just go away and lie down in a darkened room and leave us all alone with your mad ramblings. And wonderpup, with your incredibly logical and highly thought-out analysis e.g: "To me it seems absurd that the primary focus of the head of our nation should be benefit fraud when the ongoing debacle in the banks is wreaking havoc with our nations future. So while you worry yourself about the fact that single mother might have nicer flat than you do, your entire future is being trashed by an out of control mafia in the city who are laughing at your inability to identify the direction from which the urine is coming down upon your head", you are wasting your time, as I am, on this plonker.
  3. Thanks Tonkers. I'm glad you got that job. Your experience, bad as it was, gives me hope.
  4. You are beyond help. You can't imagine what jobs I'm over qualified for? I was a professional for 32 years. So when I apply for menial jobs, such as admin work or a cashier at Sainsbury's, they say I am over qualified. That's a fact. I am over qualified. What is not to understand. And they say that once they train me up, and I am then offered a job in the profession I was trained in, I will hop back off to that. And they are probably right. As to fraud, continuing to have children when you are on benefits fits the bill. If you can't see that, you are sad. And as to use of English, what the hell does this sentence mean: 'Abusing the system is a woman working in X deciding to have 12 babies with strangers so she can a nice council house and not put up with customers? You're as thick as pig shit mate.
  5. Look, Iam?, you talked about playing the system. In anyone's book, having 12 kids while you're claiming benefits - and obviously cannot afford to have children in the first place - is playing the system. Or, in other words, is fraud. However, I am not a benefits basher. The welfare state as a whole is there to help all of us if and when we get into difficulty, and to get us back onto our feet. I, like most people on benefits, am desperately applying for jobs on a daily basis - not only jobs in the profession I was in, but menial jobs too. I recently put my CV in to my local Sainsbury's when they advertised vacancies recently. Anything to get more money than social security pays at the moment, which is not enough to survive on. But so many times, this kind of work results in my being told I'm 'over qualified'. I can't win. But I haven't given up hope. And I also want my dignity back.
  6. You are so funny, Iamwhatever. I obviously meant the kind of benefit fraud where couples decide to have six, eight, ten, or twelve children while living off benefits and expect the state to pay for it all. Obvious to everyone else except you. Oh how you'd love me to be an immigrant! You could sound off about that too, couldn't you. The trouble with you, is that, unless you've read the Daily Mail on any particular day, you don't have an opinion of your own. You have no brain or any powers of reasoning.
  7. Damik, I can't waste too much of my knowledge or time on people like iamsothick. Of course Gordon Brown, and Blair, and Bush, played a huge part in all of this by deregulating the banks even more than Thatcher did (and I was working on Hansard at the time, reporting on the financial services bill that started that particular ball rolling), selling our gold at bargain basement prices and not including house prices in CPI or at least using RPI, as did the BOE with their low interest rates. But the bankers are not four-year-old children. Come on. They went berserk. Junk loans, securitisation, junk credit default swaps etc ad nauseam. And now this, with Barclays, and God know who else. You seem to have your eye on the ball - so why do you think the welfare state should be targeted so much in the bid to cut our deficit? It belongs to all of us. I never dreamt I'd lose my job back in January after 32 years in employment. And remember, I too was a taxpayer in all those years. And unlike so many of you, I never resented paying to the welfare state. It's a safety net for the working man and woman (something at last from the generally upper class governments to the people for a change, like the NHS). Ok, benefit fraud bugged me when it was over the top - families of 12 etc - but on the whole, if you're having to survive on £71 a week, well good luck to you if you make a bit on the side to survive. What really, really bothered me, much more, was the MPs' expenses scandal. Now that was disgusting. There is so much government waste of taxpayers money - and to give so much of it to bust banks is beyond belief (and when you say the welfare state is 'paid by my taxes - 70% from anything above £43k pa', most of your tax goes into bankers' pockets at the moment - not only here in the UK, but to bust banks in Europe. And they're still paying out enormous bonuses to each other. How can you stomach that?). In addition, there are other far more lucrative targets they could take aim at - all the tax evaders for a start. The government promised to reap the benefits of coming down hard on these offshore types when they bargained with Clegg on the removal of the 50% rate of tax. It would have brought billions into the country. Have they done so? Like hell they have. And why should they, they're their mates.
  8. Incalculable, yes - and will hurt not only our generation but the next.
  9. oh jesus, iamsouneducated, you are scraping the barrel now! Do you read the news, do you watch current affairs programmes? The banks so far have cost the UK £124 billion in bailouts since 2009 - £124 billion! - never mind the job losses and human misery that accompanies that. Dole scroungers are a drop in the ocean. Get a grip! And 'flaws' in our banks?! Out and out crookedness you mean. Have you been following the Barclays story the past few days? Ffs, watch Question Time tonight, at least.
  10. It's a one-bed garden flat, not owned outright. That's all you're getting. For now... And I don't quite understand what you mean by my supposed: 'Scatter-gunning of non sequiturs into the reply box'. As to my mental state - look at your avatar! (from Postman Always Rings Twice, no?) And Iamnotverycompassionate: try to remember that if you cut benefits for 'pro single mums' as you put it, having swallowed everything you read in the Daily Mail, the child or children that suffer too. You added: '...maybe so much that even people like you could find a job'. Ha ha, very good. (I spent 32 years in work up until January this year).
  11. You're obsessed as well as irrational. Most people claiming benefits are not fiddling the system. There will always be a minority doing so. Unemployment is rising - hadn't you noticed? One in four under 25s is without work now. Companies and the public sector are cutting jobs more than ever. If you need to talk about scroungers why don't you look at the MPs' expenses scandal - talk about noses in the trough there! Or wealthy tax avoiders. Why don't you stop your curtain twitching and get out more?
  12. I did confuse you with iamtotallyillogical, sorry! (you're not that bad!). Still, I repeat, you can no longer extricate one from the other. Welfare bill is soaring due to rising unemployment due to yes, the bankers and politicians. And when you admit this, saying 'one area they are targeting (to make cuts) is welfare' - the main area they are targeting is welfare! Hitting the poor, certainly not the rich. In addition, they are cutting thousands of public sector jobs thus forcing more people onto benefits.
  13. ...is not how it happened. (apologies for four posts in a row! Meant to put them all on one, but somehow it didn't happen.)
  14. And Wonderpup, you have summed it up perfectly: 'Congratulations- you have been bailed out. And the best part is that you get to call the people who bailed you out 'dole scroungers' when they lose their job in the recession your debt accumulation caused.' And I couldn't have put it better regarding your summing up of the scapegoating of the unemployed. Libspero, you are beyond belief. And yes, this thread is about welfare - but with jobs being lost due to this financial crisis caused by the banks and previous and current government , thus pushing up the welfare bill, it is inextricably linked with it. You cannot talk about welfare on its own any more. But you obviously need to obsess about this particular single mum who stole your future or whatever, and I can't stop you, so go ahead. You just look ridiculous. And I suggest you read a couple of books on exactly how and why the financial crisis started. 'Whoops' by John Lanchester would be a good place to begin...
  15. Yes. Terrible, isn't it? But before you start pontificating, read my posts from years ago to see where I stand.
  16. Easy2012 wrote: 'As for the elite, you need to google and read up a bit more about ex-property tycoons who are now bankrupt.' Ha ha! You think property 'tycoons' were the elite! Jesus christ. They were just suckers, and the banks loved these people buying up property all over the shop. Of course they're 'ex' now. What planet are you living on. You just don't get it - the bankers are the elite. JP Morgan who started the sub-prime securitisation of debt, and Goldman Sachs etc. Even the politicians in their pockets aren't the elite, they're just their puppets now.
  17. Oh hi, seeyou! But seriously, you lot are beyond belief. You have no grasp whatsoever about the sub-prime mortgages, securitisation, credit default swaps etc that led to the house price bubble and then the financial crisis worldwide. HPC really has become lightweight, with a very vocal minority of bitter and twisted non home owners who are desperate to blame the tiny number of dole scroungers for their woes - which is just what the government wants you to do so as to deflect the blame from where it really lies. You have become the 'sheeple'. Ba-ahhh, me-ehhhh, ba-ahhhh...
  18. But still you don't see a link between what the bankers did and are continuing to do - with the help of the politicians in their pockets - and rising unemployment leading to higher benefit claims? Of course you can feel resentment towards different groups, but maybe it's time you focused on the real enemy. Not the welfare state, which is a godsend for many people including myself especially in this current climate, despite a minority of 'scroungers' , but on those who actually caused the mess. As Crash2006 said, you are blinkered in exactly the way the bankers and government want you to be blinkered.
  19. The bankers who have and are benefiting as individuals are the elite, as I made very clear in my post, calling them by their collective monicker 'masters of the universe'. If you don't realise the bankers make up a large part of the elite then you are truly beyond help. Shareholders were never the elite. They have been shafted by companies' chief executives for decades and only now are they beginning to turn on them by trying, and usually failing, to cap CEOs' pay. God, I give up.
  20. Hmm. I see your point to some extent, but it's a bit above me! Maybe it's just late!
  21. Don't quite understand how you think it's fantasy money - at least, the huge chunk of tax that was taken from my salary was not fantasy money! You're right though about the banking system being on the edge. So many big names are simply bust and no amount of bailouts will help them. But they, and their politician friends of all colours, will fight tooth and nail to keep them from falling into the abyss. Hence the current scapegoating of the unemployed - an insane scapegoating considering the fact that so many people are losing their jobs, as I did, due to this financial crisis - companies being forced to cut staff to stay afloat or companies using the excuse of the financial crisis to cut jobs. And I agree that ordinary people should protest by stopping consumption if they can. To be honest, we have more power than we realise - and the politicians know this, hence the desperate scapegoating. If everyone said right, we're not making our mortgage or loan payments until you sort this out, we'd soon see the banks and government who are in their pockets, change their tune.
  22. Wonderpup wrote: 'Your role is that of the Jew in the Germany of the thirties- a necessary scapegoat.' I've been thinking exactly the same thing myself, seeing the rising tide of public venom towards the unemployed, classing them all as 'scroungers'. It's classic divide and rule. The government is simply using its propaganda machine to distract the unwashed masses from blaming them and their banking mates. You only have to look at Cameron's reason for scrapping housing benefit for the under 25s, when he said: 'It has led to huge resentment amongst those who pay into the system because they feel that what they’re having to work hard for, others are getting without having to put in the effort.' When in fact, the people the public should feel resentment against are the bankers and the politicians who gave them free rein to gamble their money, and now ours, away and who are causing this rising unemployment, especially among the under 25s, of whom one in 4 is now without work. And Crash 2006, you are a genius, sir! I love this (have you ever thought of becoming an MP? We could do with more like you!): But as for iamnumerate - no you are not. He writes: 'How are the elites being bailed out, shareholders in Lloyds etc must have lost most of their value.' Hello? Have you even heard of the bank bailouts? It's the bankers - 'masters of the universe' - who are taking so much of taxpayers' money and are benefiting as individuals, especially the CEOs. And you completely missed the point about scapegoating of unemployed. It's exactly what happened to the jews at the beginning. But believing this does not mean we think Cameron would gas us! Christ. I think you should change your name to 'iamirrational'.
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