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  1. What is this constant bleating about the unemployed and 'your' tax! I lost my job in January but before that paid tax for 32 years! I have paid my dues towards the 'safety net' that is keeping me together while I desperately look for a job. Who do you think the unemployed are? You seem to see us as one big amorphous mass of people who have never worked a day in their life and never paid a penny in tax. Look at all the job cuts - caused by the financial crisis, itself caused by this government and the last, and the bankers - forcing people onto benefits. We're mostly people who have worked all our lives. Don't be too smug. You too might one day be grateful for the welfare state.
  2. My point is that you're on housepricecrash yet you haven't bothered up to now to find out exactly what the bank bailout was! Do you read the financial press, do you watch the news or programmes on the economy? Your question also reveals your woeful ignorance. Wonderpup: Great quotes. I admire your patience with this guy! But spoon-feeding him information he ought to know won't make the slightest bit of difference - he's on another planet.
  3. Ah, you strange little foil tin-hatters and your survival skills...
  4. What's lazy is that you have never thought of looking up the figures yourself and expect other people to do it for you. As to taxpayer support for banks having no effect on the public purse, you are beyond parody!
  5. No, you don't. But you do have to use it for everything else, including food, other groceries, gas, electric, water for the week. And that's tough enough. And you can cancel your TV licence, phone, broadband, buildings and contents insurance...
  6. I don't post these figures without being able to back them up. As you are too lazy to find the information yourself, having preferred for all these years to remain in blissful ignorance, try this (from the National Audit Office itself): http://www.nao.org.uk/banking_faq.aspx 'Our most recent estimate of the outstanding support is set out in the C&AG’s Report on HM Treasury’s 2011-12 Resource Accounts. Total outstanding support as at 31 March 2012 (£bn) Guarantee commitments £109.17 Cash outlay £118.86 Total support £228.03 (billion) Furthermore, the Treasury retains the unquantifiable ultimate risk of supporting banks should they threaten the stability of the overall financial system again.' And: 'The £132.89 billion cash provided has been reduced by £14.03 billion because: banks and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme had made cumulative net repayments of £13.28 billion as at 31 March 2012; and the £1.4 billion shares in Northern Rock plc were sold to Virgin Money at the end of 2011. The Treasury has received a total of £747 million cash to date with further proceeds expected.'
  7. You may well have seen what was coming, as did many of us here. The tragedy is you don't know why...
  8. With pleasure. A handful of bust and crooked banks - Northern Crock, RBS, LloydsTSB/HBOS - are allowed to fail. The government gives the depositors of those banks their money - a drop in the ocean compared to what was eventually handed to the banks. The saving of all those billions would have benefited the general population immensely - no austerity, no cuts, no job losses. A bust bank could not have reappeared. I would have added another consequence - that the heads of those banks left with no handouts, and banned from ever running a financial institution or indeed any company again. And, for some of them, jail.
  9. But we do all pay the bill! We pay for the NHS and Welfare State - a safety net for all of us, as anyone can lose their job at some time in their life - through our taxes! It isn't free. God, I despair. But what's happening now - as I feel the need to educate you - is that £132 billion of taxpayers' money has gone straight to the banks. Failed banks, that should have been allowed, in a so-called free market, to go bust. We gave £25 billion to Northern Crock alone. So that its chief exec Applegarth could retire with a £2.7 million pension pot. And that is why there is no money left any more, as there normally would be, for things that benefit the population at large - such as the NHS and Welfare State, schools, etc. But no, you'll prefer to just swallow everything Paul Dacre spews at you. Edited to take out 'you moron!'....
  10. You don't think we have enough to do filling in endless application forms for jobs - after spending hours searching for them, preparing for interviews and attending them? I'm also learning - via internet - all the ins and outs of Excel, power point, Microsoft office, etc so I can apply for more admin jobs. My lack of experience in such jobs won't help, but I'm going to give it my best. Sadly, the Daily Mail Readers on here mean any debate soon starts plumbing new depths. It's pitiful. Never mind the autistic weirdoes (you know who you are) who are unable to access any human empathy. (Shudder).
  11. Ha ha. Daily Mail Readers will be the first to be targeted once the politicians and bankers are dealt with, believe me.
  12. Handouts. Christ. As to 'taxpayer donations' and 'benefits payable by taxpayers' - I, like many others on benefits at the moment, paid my taxes for 32 years up to January this year. The trouble with this website these days is it's been hijacked by Daily Mail Readers...
  13. I am angry too about that, but it has nothing to do with the benefits system. Well done for sorting your life out so well. And when you say: 'People cannot possibly be better off on benefits...' I agree with you on that too. So do you think I, and everyone else on benefits choses not to get back to work? I want my life back, and I am working damned hard to achieve that.
  14. Sorry, yes, if you are over 25. It's around £56 if you're under - and now the coalition have come up with a plan to stop housing benefit towards rent for them, despite having helped cause - along with Liebour and the banksters - the unemployment crisis for under-25s, and the rest of us, in the first place. Edited to write banksters not banisters (my PC has over-zealous automatic nanny spellcheck!)
  15. You are stupendously ignorant. A single person gets just £71 to pay for food, other groceries, gas, electric and water. End of. Yes, if you have children you get more for each child. And you may get your rent (it's means-tested and capped now) and half your mortgage interest (benefits towards interest is capped at 3.36%) paid. But for me, and other single people, it' s £71 to actually live on. Deal with it (and do try to stop reading the Daily Mail).
  16. Honestly! 'Grossly unfair on the middle class who pay for it....'! I've been unemployed and on JSA since losing my job six months ago, after 32 years of paying my taxes. I too was 'middle class', but at this difficult time of my life am grateful that I and everyone else paid towards the welfare state. It's a safety net for when disaster strikes - for all of us, not just the great unwashed, as you seem to imply. And the rising number of 'middle class' who are facing redundancy have no idea what is going to hit them, having to survive on benefits. I've applied for countless jobs - even for menial work, for which I'm constantly told I'm 'over-qualified'. You are a total out-of-touch idiot. This can happen to anyone. Benefits 'Incredibly attractive'? Could you live on £71 a week - for food and other groceries, gas, electric, and water? And you can cancel your TV licence, buildings and contents insurance, phone and broadband line etc. Thank God in Europe we have some kind of help to get us back on our feet. You, though, just swallow everything the Daily Mail, and this government, tell you to swallow. Can't you see that attacking those on benefits is just a means of deflecting attention from the bankers and super-rich tax evaders who are really costing this country? No, I didn't think so.
  17. I take it you work for them? You're asking to be sacked you know...
  18. Hookers? A 'real' man doesn't need to pay for sex, now does he!
  19. It's how small business works. In fact it's how all business works. Sad but true.
  20. King hasn't 'ordered' the banks to do anything. He is simply 'urging' them to lend, adding that the regulators are 'recommending' they do so. It's too pathetic for words - same old same old. The banks must be laughing. I don't think he even has the power to 'order' the banks to lend, but if he does, he is for some reason choosing not to use that power. Errol said: 'Hilarious that he thinks debt is going to help. Debt is nothing more than a claim on future income. It weakens people.' But unfortunately, debt (or leverage) is what many small businesses rely on and are desperate for at the moment or they face going bust. That's how business works in this country now and has done for decades. I don't think King is talking about lending to the general public at this point.
  21. Love it! Dunning and Kruger? Are they a comedy act? Thanks for your good wishes and advice. Much appreciated. My skills are eminently transferable, but no one can see that - yet. I'm almost tempted to give you a bit more on my mortgage situation! Nah, maybe not.
  22. More idiocy. The structural deficit was not helped by Labour's spending splurge, and 'is forecast to be £163 billion (11.1% of GDP) this year'. See: http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/research/key-issues-for-the-new-parliament/the-public-finances/the-economic-recovery-and-the-deficit/ The bailout to the banks since 2009 stands at £124 billion. Think about it. And when you are constantly banging on about playing the benefits system, it's irrelevant whether one calls it benefit abuse, fraud or whatever. In the case of the 'pro single mum' you're so obsessed with (did she turn you down, or something?), yes, she's just playing the system. But why not? Perhaps she wants to work, but maybe if she did she wouldn't be able to afford child care. Have you any idea how much it costs? It's extortionate and it's this kind of thing is what needs looking at.
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